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Recommended by You: Thrifting From Home

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Recommended by You: Thrifting From Home
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Malak Gharib
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After our recently posted piece about thrifting from home, you shared some of your favourite locations to find steals with amazing prices that helped you construct your wardrobe on a budget and from the comfort of your home. After sharing our favourites with you, we have decided to share YOUR favourites with the world. Here are five locations to thrift from home from our audience’s recommendations.


The Space

Being a second-hand store and vintage clothes outlet, The Space is the Egyptian version of Nasty Gal, and we love it! From the eye-pleasing website to its inspo-packed social media platform, The Space is a thrift store with fancy vibes.


Thrifted Skins

This second-hand online clothing store has something for everyone with various styles, sizes, and colours. You will find something to your liking on their page. Whether you are looking to elevate your wardrobe or enhance your current style, they’ve got you.


Thrift In Cairo

Thrift In Cairo and their sister brand Vintage In Cairo offer you a range of modern and stylish second-hand clothes, with vintage pieces coming up in Vintage in Cairo. If you’re looking for a groovy oversized hoodie for university or cheap yet trendy bottoms, Thrift In Cairo is your go-to, with hand-me-downs still in style.




With handpicked vintage garments, Vintoro offers a range of clothing that will keep you in style and on budget. You can shop through their Instagram stories, which makes the process smooth since everything is titled and easy to navigate. With unique steals, Vintoro will satisfy your inner fashion guru.




Thrift.egyyy is a platform offering various services related to second-hand clothes, from buying to selling and trading. It’s your go-to to get your hands on the best pieces with low to no price in cases of trade. The brand also offers measurements with each piece, making finding the perfect fit a hassle-free mission.