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Reminisce in Summer Vibes with Local Jewellery Brand LAIÉN

Farida El-Bakry jewellery LAIÉN Shopping
Reminisce in Summer Vibes with Local Jewellery Brand LAIÉN
    written by
    Basma Belal

    Looking for items that give you style and sustainability? LAIÉN is the brand for you. A tribute to the ocean by giving you beachy aesthetics in every piece. What started as a shared hobby with her mother by collecting antiques to make new items or just fixing them, developed into a passion, and she created LAIÉN. Farida El-Bakry, founder of the Egyptian jewellery brand, says that she “decided not to design finished jewellery pieces per se, but rather create elements that can be put together in countless ways, to give the wearer the room to style their pieces however they like, and dress it up or down according to the occasion or outfit”.

    When creating her identity wanted to create something unique and significant to her without jumping on a specific trend. “I stumbled upon mother of pearl, which are the blue shells that you can see in my accessories. That is the main material that I work with, paired with silver and pearls, and I immediately fell in love with the colours”, shared El Bakry.

    The way the stones are formed is very LAIÉN, meaning flexible, which is what the brand is all about. LAIÉN is about giving you maximum flexibility in the pieces for you to express yourself and tailor it to your liking. Meaning that not only are the designs fixed, but customers have the opportunity to create their own pieces with the elements of their liking.

    The items range from 750 LE to 3,500 LE. Order your new item by sending a message to LAIÉN’s Instagram, or contact them to schedule your appointment at their studio and create your own pieces.