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Sahel Season 2024: How to Control Frizzy Hair at the Beach

Frizzy Hair products
Sahel Season 2024: How to Control Frizzy Hair at the Beach
written by
Salsabil Yasser
Image via Favelin

Sahel season is here, and we LOVE the waves that come with it. Nothing beats how your hair wigs out after experiencing the sea breeze and indulging in a dip. However, the “way your hair wigs out” is a package deal with some intense frizz. With this in mind, here’s how to control frizzy hair at the beach!

The Hair Addict’s FrizzOff Kit

Image via The Hair Addict

You need something to control the frizz from the very beginning before your hair is exposed to humidity and water. For this, you should try The Hair Addict’s Frizz-Off Shampoo, Frizz-Off Conditioner, and Frizz-Off Leave-in Conditioner—which are all in their FrizzOff Kit(580 EGP). This trio refreshes your hair, providing a smooth and nourished feel.

Braes’ Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Image via Braes

At 369 EGP for 500 gm, Braes’ Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is a bargain buy—considering the size of the jar. Its hero ingredients include shea butter and argan oil, which both help strengthen and hydrate hair. This mask controls and tames any frizz.

Favelin’s Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

Image via Favelin

From body lotions and body butter to shower gels and hair serums, Favelin has established its status as a true hero brand. Their Anti-Frizz Hair Serum (369 EGP) does not disappoint at all, as we were expecting. Taming frizz, protecting from heat, and hydrating dry hair, this hair serum is a must-have on your Sahel trip.

Jevan’s Flax Max Gel

Image via Jevan

For healthy definition and sporting of your beach waves or curls, you need Jevan’s Flax Max Gel (280 EGP). Made mainly of natural flaxseed gel and infused with pure botanicals, this gel enhances your waves and curls, making them healthy and happy.

Joviality’s Hyaluron Boost-Natural Styling Mousse

Image via Joviality

Hyaluronic acid is a real star ingredient for both your skin and hair. As a humectant, it is perfect for nourishing and hydrating hair, and Joviality’s Hyaluron Boost-Natural Styling Mousse (330 EGP) does exactly that.