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Sami Amin: Leather & Brass Accessories With an Egyptian Twist

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Sami Amin: Leather & Brass Accessories With an Egyptian Twist
written by
Sherif Khairy

Clothes and accessories are not only a reflection of one’s style, they are also a small gateway to culture, identity, and heritage. Giving us a delightful way to express ourselves, through beautiful pieces of jewelry, is Egyptian designer Sami Amin. His brilliant and unique style of design has given us a diverse line of products to fit every Cairene out there.

Sami Amin is a self-taught designer, who started his brand way back in 1997, taking the Egyptian leather design market by storm. Amin uses leather and brass in the most stunning of ways to create captivating pieces built with quality and precision. His inspiration is his love for Egyptian culture, and he uses rich cultural elements to craft pieces that are unique to each other, whilst simultaneously retaining his own personal aesthetic and artistic vision.

You can get a Sami Amin bag, or showcase your love for leather with his wallets. Additionally, you can add a flair to your look using his belts and shoes, or elevate your wardrobe with his many accessories. Sami Amin even designs furniture. You’ll find touches of cotton and silver in his pieces, and an abundance of brass and genuine leather.

The process by which Sami Amin designs his pieces is beautiful. We urge you to check out his website for exclusive sneak peeks. Amin is one of the most noteworthy designers in Egypt, and might just be the best when it comes to leather and brass work. But, despite all that, you’ll see that his prices are quite reasonably priced, especially considering the quality and design. You can find Sami Amin’s galleries in Zamalek and Galleria40.