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Samsung Is Tripling the Photo Fun With Their Newest Smartphone Release

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Samsung Is Tripling the Photo Fun With Their Newest Smartphone Release
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Decades ago, the idea of a mobile phone itself was ludicrous, and the idea of a phone with a camera was unimaginable. But now, mobile phone companies are going all-out, and we can see that quite clearly with Samsung, as they launch their new Galaxy A7.

The Galaxy A7 promises to triple the fun you can have with a regular smartphone as it comes equipped with three cameras, and we’re not even including the selfie camera here. The Galaxy A7 has three rear cameras to capture every possible viewing angle you may need.

You see, Samsung realise that our world is becoming more digital and more visual by the day, which is why our need for accurate cameras on our smartphones is becoming more and more critical. The main camera in the A7 is the 24MP camera, promising pictures in super-fine detail, while the 5MP Depth Lens enables the Live Focus feature, which allows you to take beautiful shots while having your main subject stand out.

But that’s not all, our favourite lens of the bunch is the 8MP 120° Ultra-Wide Lens, this one provides you with the exact same viewing angle as your eye. Finally, a camera that’s capable of capturing the world exactly as you see it. Adding to the fun of the cameras is Samsung’s intelligent Scene Optimizer, the AI technology allows it to identify different items in your shot, categorise them, and adjust the colour, contrast, and brightness accordingly, to capture the shot in optimised precision. In short, the Galaxy A7 is making it dead easy for you to capture photography masterpieces.

Sticking with the three times the fun motto, Samsung hosted a grand launch celebration for the local introduction of the Galaxy A7. However, the Galaxy A7 had to share the spotlight with a huge international superstar who entertained attendees with his unique performance: Craig David!

Hosted by the top management of Samsung Electronics Egypt, including Jaehwan Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Egypt, and Omar Badrawi, Samsung Egypt Head of Marketing, the lavish celebration was thrown in Uptown Cairo. Samsung chose such a venue for its unique location, wonderful weather, and stunning views, adding more quality to the already ritzy event. The invitees were business people, public figures, and socialites, and they all received an exclusive opportunity to discover and experience the new Galaxy A7 firsthand.

“With a powerful rear triple camera, sleek design, and must-have everyday features, the innovative Galaxy A7 is the ultimate device for life,” said Jaehwan Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Egypt. The Galaxy A7 has bonus features such as Bixby and Samsung Health to make your life more convenient, and it comes with a 24MP front camera, an Octa-Core 2.2 GHz + 1.6 GHz processor, and a 3,300 mAh battery to keep your device alive throughout the whole day.

One of the device’s biggest features, outside of the triple rear cameras, is its display. The bezel-less display is a state-of-the-art 6.0-inch Super AMOLED display, complemented by Samsung’s signature Infinity Display, affording the most immersive viewing experience of a smartphone in its category. Adding to the immersive entertainment is the Dolby Atmos® headphones support, creating enveloping sound technology.

All of this, and more, comes in a sleek package with a premium glass design that will make you love the phone even more. The triple cameras on the back make it even more appealing, and the smooth seamless curves make it practical and comfortable, while enhancing the look even more. Another cool feature in the Galaxy A7 is the active side fingerprint sensor, which is designed for greater convenience, and it doesn’t even need to be clicked, a slight tap will do the trick. You can get this cool, sleek, innovative smartphone in three colours: blue, black, and gold.

If you want to learn more about Samsung’s latest release in the Galaxy A series, check out the link here. We’re sure you can’t wait to see it firsthand!