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Scrubby Bubby Shop: Love, Passion, and Skincare

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Scrubby Bubby Shop: Love, Passion, and Skincare
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Summer is almost upon us folks, and, aside from hitting the gym in an attempt to stay fit, Cairene ladies have an additional concern: exposure. This concern not only stems from how the hot summer sun is damaging to skin, it also stems from the fact that winter often leaves skin extremely dry. Indeed, as ladies try on their tank tops and crop tops in preparation for summer, they get hit by the extent to which the winter winds have left them with dry skin. This is, of course, when skincare comes in.

We recently came across one inspiring story of a fascinating online shopping platform that offers natural body care products. Founded back in 2010, Mayar Yehia launched her very own online store ‘Scrubby Bubby Shop’. The brand is dedicated to giving you the very best shower experience, with a focus on freshness, natural ingredients, quality, and skin safety.

When Mayar initially launched Scrubby Bubby Shop, she wanted to transform her love and passion for skin care formulation into an entire business. Accordingly, Mayar earned a professional certificate in making natural skin care products from The School of Natural Skin Care. This certificate gave her a push, and enabled her to turn her hobby into a booming business.

Scrubby Bubby currently operates across Egypt, with plans to make an impact and earn a place in the affordable luxury category. Scrubby Bubby has a store in City Stars, and they host special exhibitions of their products in Egypt’s biggest malls and retail centres. Additionally, Mayar is preparing for international expansion.

Scrubby Bubby Shop will be pampering you from now on! Hurry up and order online through their website or look up for the nearest exhibition in a shopping centre near you. You don’t want to miss their offers and discounts; their products are certainly worth it! You can also follow their Instagram account and like their page on Facebook page for more updates on upcoming products.

Scrub all your stress away and leave your skin beautifully exfoliated and freshly brightened for the rest of the season… #MadeWithLove