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Serious Sweet Tooth during Ramadan? Here Are 10 Dessert Shops for You

Atayef basbousa desserts konafa Ramadan
Serious Sweet Tooth during Ramadan? Here Are 10 Dessert Shops for You
written by
Mariam Nowar

After Iftar, it’s mandatory to grab yourself something sweet for dessert. You can either start baking, and these are a few of the items you will need, or you can save yourself the trouble and place an order! Here are ten places that serve mouthwatering, earth-shattering desserts that will put the cherry on top of your wonderful gatherings.


The dessert shop and bakery introduced two new sweet items: Maklouba (335 LE) and Madlou’a (335 LE). The first is a konafa cake covered with dates and whipped cream, and the latter is a layer of basboosa topped with whipped cream – they’re equally delicious.


Gone are the days of Nola just specialising in cupcakes because this household name has been bombarding our timelines with images of their Ramadan cakes that took our breath away; the Konafa Nutella Volcano Cake (420 LE) in particular definitely stood out.

La Poire

Two words: Konafa Nabulsi. The cheese pull, the pistachios, the syrupy sweet drizzle… La Poire’s creation embodies all of the elements perfectly, priced at 215 LE.


Layer upon layer of delicious goodness make Voila’s Baklava cake (320 LE). Expect fresh cream, strawberry sauce, and crushed nuts in every bite you take.


For a variety of Middle Eastern desserts, Dukes’ Sharqi collection (265 LE) might taste just like momma’s.


The cinnamon rolls experts have created Cinnabon Bon Bites (230 LE) with Nutella, Lotus, Choco Pecan, Caramel Pecan, and Classic flavours, which come in a box of 25 bites that you can pop as you go! They are also a perfect treat for children.


When you’re too lazy to make atayef at home, Devour will go ahead and take over. Made with fresh cream, Nutella, and Lotus, the Atayef Platter (350 LE) will be devoured upon sight. Way to live up to the name!

House of Cocoa

Kunafa with mastic? Now, that’s what we call an invention! House of Cocoa’s quirky creation is 330 LE, and it consists of layers of Kunafa, nougat, khoshaf, and, you guessed it, mastic.

Cold Stone Creamery

The weather is getting warmer by the minute, and it looks like Cold Stone’s decadent ice cream flavours will effortlessly combat the heat. Offered in Coffee, Chocolate, and Original flavours, the sizes available are small (29 LE), medium (52 LE), large (70 LE) and larger sizes from 92 LE to 199.5 LE.


After a successful media campaign that featured the famous Zaher family, Monginis is setting the bar higher than ever with their special desserts. The Lotango Moon cake (210 LE) is covered in moon-shaped lotus and mangos that perfectly sum up the Ramadan spirit in a dessert.