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Shopping for Christmas Gifts? These Places in Cairo Could be Your Go-To Gift Destination

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Shopping for Christmas Gifts? These Places in Cairo Could be Your Go-To Gift Destination
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Sick Chirpse)

All we want for Christmas is prosperity and health, and loads of brand new goodies! Santa may be reading his lists as we speak, but you can still make sure there are plenty of gifts under the Christmas tree by shopping at these outlets:

Tale of Socks

It feels a lot like Christmas with stockings! Shop for new pairs of socks with prices ranging from 49LE up to 99LE at Tale of Socks, who sell fresh and funky prints, including Christmas designs in the season’s signature colours of red and green.

Bags Code                       

How about custom-made bags that are made to your design? Bags Code has you covered with inspirational quotes and stunning pieces of art on backpacks (550-650LE), belt backs (350LE) and cross bags (450LE) for your own unique fashion.

Urban Tie

For a more formal look, you can get stylish ties from Urban Tie, who sell all items for 400LE each. Expect prints that range from umbrellas, dogs, elephants, to octopuses, ducklings, and friendly monster, Mike Wazowski!


Treat your kids with fresh pyjamas of their favourite superhero from Circus, who offer a colourful selection of matching PJs and bathrobes. You’ll find The Simpsons, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Frozen, and so many more options available.

Antiques, Christofle & More

Do you fancy new silverware? Since you’ll be having Christmas gatherings with your family and friends, you’ll definitely need to serve dinner using your finest cutlery. Travel back in time, a century or two, with chic antiques from Antiques, Christofle & More. The outlet also offers salt and pepper shakers, ashtrays, vases, cake stands and trays.


Vinyl records never go out of style! For a range of 100LE to 500LE each, you can start the record collection you’ve always wanted to have, along with a record player for 4,500LE. You can also get a bunch of new books and cassettes.


Bling bling! Bluerica offers all kinds of crystal and pearl necklaces, along with unique diamond rings in case you were planning to propose on Christmas Eve.

Qaaf Gallery

You make a wish, and Qaaf Gallery delivers! The outlet sells bags, notebooks, socks, sweaters, bracelets, and a full variety of accessories with a modern twist on vintage themes.

Anni Z. Antiques

This cosy antique shop sells everything from globes, maps, key locks, pocket watches, earrings, art blocks, and more, for a price range of a few hundred up to several thousand. Anni Z. Antiques also sell old rare books about history, geography, poetry, and fiction for 400-800LE.

The Entertainer

Santa is not real? Lies! You can have the old man deliver your gifts himself, free of charge, for a minimum purchase of 1,000LE, or you can pay 500LE to have him make a jolly visit to your destination of choice. The Entertainer sells everything your child desires, from miniature kitchen kits, race tracks, to dolls and teddy bears. Most importantly, Mr Claus can make an appearance!