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Six Sustainable Brands Redefining the Egyptian Fashion Scene

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Six Sustainable Brands Redefining the Egyptian Fashion Scene
written by
Malak Gharib
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In recent years, the fashion industry in Egypt has seen a transformative shift towards sustainability, driven by a new wave of innovative brands dedicated to environmental and social responsibility. These emerging fashion labels are not only reducing waste and upcycling materials but are also empowering local communities and preserving traditional crafts. These brands are setting new standards for sustainable fashion. 


Reform Studio 

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Reform Studio is a slow fashion brand that supports local communities and revives the Egyptian weaving industry. By shopping at Reform Studio, you will be helping them give back to the community, support the environment, and restore an aspect of Egyptian culture. Founded by Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem, the internationally awarded sustainable brand is changing the game. 



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UpFuse is a fashion brand that have recycled over 1,350,000 plastic bags and created upcycled artisan pieces. Breaking the stigmas around the fashion industry, in 2014, UpFuse collaborated with an NGO in Cairo’s garbage city and trained their staff to upcycle plastic. 

After the project’s success and participants started earning money from upcycling, the community itself started spreading the technique and even enhancing it. This massive step has made UpFuse a life-changing experience for the community, the art, and the fashion industry.


Jozee Boutique

Jozee Boutique is a platform born out of love, passion, and the desire to share stories. Each piece is a unique expression of the artists who bring it to life. Mastering everything handcrafted, Jozee Boutique is a well-rounded fashion and art experience.



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The word ‘Saqhoute’ is the Arabic translation of the word quiet. Saqhoute is a slow fashion brand that has established itself among fashion giants with meticulously created pieces and zero waste. The 2018 established brand aims to provide a versatile capsule wardrobe on a budget while contributing to the environment.

The Sahara Collection 

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Nestled in Al Brazil Street in Zamalek, The Sahara Collection is a stand-out fashion experience with an extensive collection of vibrant designs. Inspired by the Egyptian desert aesthetic, each piece is a sustainable statement.  


Kendaka Upcycles 

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Established by Nubian women, Kendaka Upcycles takes recycling up a notch with innovative products. The brand name Kendaka is a Nubian word that means resilient queen. It advocates for the brand’s primary purpose of being an opportunity for women who seek safe and close jobs to provide income for their families.