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Spontaneous Gift Ideas and Where to Get Them

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Spontaneous Gift Ideas and Where to Get Them
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

So, your friend’s birthday is coming up and you’re totally stumped trying to think of a gift to get them. It may seem impossible to get a present for someone who already has everything. However, there are some great gift options out there that are guaranteed to please anyone, whether you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind or just want to give them a gift they’ll genuinely appreciate. We’ve made a list of some present ideas that literally anyone would like, and where to get them in Cairo. Now, you can take the stress out of shopping for your loved ones and get them any one of these thoughtful presents for any occasion. 

Photo Album/Collage 

A collection of all your best memories together makes the perfect heartfelt gift. It’s sentimental and heartfelt, and can be designed in different ways. Whether you want to make an album, collage or any other artistic display, your friend will definitely appreciate this gesture. The two of you can spend hours reminiscing over all the sweet and funny moments that you’ve shared together.  

Matching Jewellery

Nothing says besties like matching friendship bracelets! This childhood tradition can definitely continue on as adults in the form of more elegant bracelets, necklaces, earrings or any jewellery you prefer. Everytime your friend wears their gift, they’ll definitely be thinking of you. Constellations Piercing in Sheikh Zayed now offers the popular eternity bracelets, which are permanent bracelets that are welded onto your wrist.  

Perfume or Lotion

Ok, this one is a bit less personal, but it still does the trick. Who doesn’t like to smell good? This gift option works for both close friends who have a signature scent or favourite designer perfume, or those you don’t know that much about. It’s easy to head to Bath and Body Works or any perfume booths around your local mall to find a sweet gift. 

Film/TV or Music Merchandise 

We all know that person who’s a die-hard fan of Friends or a total fangirl for their favourite band. In this case, nothing would make them happier than merchandise like posters, CDs, mugs or t-shirts. Oddbits is a little store in Maadi that specialises in all kinds of useless knick knacks and memorabilia, and they sell merchandise for tons of different musicians, sitcoms, movies and more from Harry Potter to The Beatles.  


Just cash. It’s the oldest trick in the book, it also makes you realise how old you’ve gotten. It’s a tradition that’s been long passed down from your great grandparents, all the way to your current adult self. If you absolutely have no idea what to get your friend for their birthday, maybe give them some cash and have them pick their own present out! A lazy option, yes, but better than nothing!