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Summer Season 2024: Your Ultimate Beach Bag Essentials Round-Up

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Summer Season 2024: Your Ultimate Beach Bag Essentials Round-Up
written by
Salsabil Yasser
Image via iStock

With the Sahel season knocking on our doors, we all have this one dream: a dip in the sea, sunbathing on the sand, and munching on snacks along the shorefront. With this in mind, we have compiled a handy list of all the essentials you need in your beach bag, contributing to a seamlessly fun beach day.

Bobai’s Sunscreen Extra Lightening Gel SPF 50

Image via eParkville

This had to be high on the list; it’s the most indispensable item here! The Bobai Sunscreen Extra Lightening Gel (295 EGP/50 gm) is the ultimate face sunscreen you NEED in your bag, offering your skin maximum protection from sunburn. Boasting a lightweight texture, this sunscreen instantly absorbs into the skin with zero white cast, yet it leaves you with a glowy finish. Essentially, this is the perfect sunscreen for reapplication on the beach.

Eva’s Sun and Sea Adults Sunscreen SPF 50

Image via Eva Cosmetics

Again, this sunscreen is indispensable in the list. Besides protecting your face, you also need to protect your body, right? To do so, you need a sunscreen that checks the list for protection, affordability, and size. And Eva’s Sun and Sea Adults Sunscreen (300 EGP/200 ml) does exactly that!

Lazy Republic’s The Heat Protectant

Image via Lazy Republic 

We know a heat protectant would primarily be used before straightening or curling your hair, but it’s also essential before going out in the sun! Protecting your hair from the Sahel summer heat is definitely needed, and there’s no better way to do this than with Lazy Republic’s The Heat Protectant (420 EGP/200 ml). Creating a protective barrier between your hair and the scorching heat, this spray ensures your hair doesn’t get frazzled.

Coc Eyewear’s Vegas V2023 Sunglasses

Image via Coc Eyewear

There’s no question about it: a handy pair of sunglasses is generally one of the most vital pieces in your summer wardrobe. So, for sunglasses that are in style for summer while also shielding your eyes, Coc Eyewear has got you all covered with their Vegas V2023 Sunglasses(845 EGP). With a hexagonal shape and a variety of colours to choose from, these sunglasses have to make an appearance on your beach day.

Bobai’s After Sun Gel

Image via eParkville

Yes, you’re all protected from the sun now with all the previous products, but that doesn’t mean that our intense sun won’t get you, especially if you spend the whole day on the beach. Thus, if, for some reason, you get sunburnt, Bobai’s After Sun Gel (250 EGP/200 gm), with its refreshing, cooling effect, will be your best friend, so make sure you keep it in your beach bag—just in case!

Raw African’s Sun Kiss Deep Tanning Oil

Image via Raw African

While tanning should not be on the table (for the sake of your skin), if you want to get bronzy, glowing skin, you should use Raw African’s Sun Kiss Deep Tanning Oil (235 EGP/200 ml). SPF 20 offers a little bit of protection from the sun whilst helping you achieve your desired bronzed look. However, you can’t just apply it and consider your SPF duties to your skin all done; make sure you apply your sunscreen before the tanning oil!

Ariika’s Beach Mat

Image via Ariika

We absolutely love the patterns of Ariika’s Beach Mats (675 EGP). Easy to spot on a crowded beach, Ariika’s beach mats are a compact option whilst also offering you just the right amount of thickness for some comfort by the beach.

Magalis’ Sabulo Beach Lounger

Image via Magalis

If you’d like something sturdier than a mat, Magalis’ Sabulo Beach Lounger (1320 EGP) is a must for you—especially for crowded beach days where you may not always find a chair (yes, I’m talking about the upcoming Eid days). Waterproof, lightweight, cosy, and supportive; what more could we ask for?

In Your Shoe’s Beach Towel

Image via In Your Shoe

Emblazoned with bold patterns, In Your Shoe’s Beach Towel (499 EGP) is what you need for “the coolest drying experience” on the beach. Soft and will neatly pack down into your beach bag, this beach towel is a total steal.

Slurp’s Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Cup

Image via Slurp

For some of us, staying hydrated may be challenging, so an easy-to-carry insulated cup that also looks great can help. For your next beach day, make sure you have Slurp’s Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Cup (1199 EGP/1200 ml) on you.

Ghazal Hamdy’s Unmatched Book

Image via Amazon

A perfect beach read, Unmatched (475.50 EGP) by Ghazal Hamdy is a must-have in your beach bag. With the ideal convergence between romance and emotional depth, Unmatched is a contemporary romance novel where the writing creates characters you care about and grow attached to. Centred on the growing, “unmatched” romance between Leora, a social psychology student, and Aiden, a medical assistant, this book pulls you in, getting you invested in all the characters and their stories, yet it’s still a light and easy read that would be a delightful addition to your beach day.