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Support your Local Egyptian Clothes Brands

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Support your Local Egyptian Clothes Brands
written by
Nada Wahba

There are plenty of things that have changed ever since COVID began, one of which is shopping. We started relying heavily on online shopping, whether that came to groceries, appliances, or clothes. People have turned towards online shopping as it’s the safer and, ultimately, easier solution. From here, Egyptian clothes brands started to take over, and this was a great step in the journey of supporting local businesses. So, if you’re wondering which local brands to support, we have a list of some that you can easily shop for.


Known for the barcode on their brand, Baynoire aims to exceed their audience’s expectations by offering them good quality streetwear and pushing the idea that their brand is beyond just a box, a card, or a hoodie. That’s what their barcode tagline “not just” is all about, not to mention their unique colour selection and smooth quality texture. Have a look at their website here.


A brand that caters to women and makes their lives easier through its one-stop-shop, Dresscodeme offers plenty of products at an affordable price that ships all over Egypt. From streetwear and pyjamas to coats, co-ord sets and even gowns, Dresscodeme has a huge variety of clothes with great quality and even better prices. Check them out here.


First bags, now clothes, Palma has slowly been going up the ladder and widening their selections to even footwear and accessories. Starting out in a bedroom, then a garage, Palma slowly grew to be 25 people and counting. Their main aim was to produce sustainable clothes that will last you a relatively long time. They are known for their vibrant colours and design creativity. Check them out here.


All about the boho-chic and fancy wear, Myne caters towards womenswear that is more affordable than generic brands. Their clothes are made with the utmost attention to detail and unique design elements that elevate the online shopping game a few notches. The Egyptian brand Myne is all about comfort and sophistication, and they strive to make women feel comfortable in their own skin. Check out their website here.


Made using 100% heavyweight Egyptian cotton, Kijaqo is an Egyptian tracksuit brand that is all about comfort and style. With many local and international celebrities noticing the brand like Mona Zaki and Bella Thorne, Kijaqo remains affordable. Their clothes are unisex and highlight the trendy oversized clothing style. Check out their website here.