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Tailored to Your Space and Taste: Kenda Interiors Has Something for Everyone

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Tailored to Your Space and Taste: Kenda Interiors Has Something for Everyone
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    Creating a space to call home from scratch has a lot of perks; there’s no better feeling than mixing and matching various pieces to meet a vision that defines who you are. However, it’s not always fun and games, especially when you are looking for quality, customisable pieces that will not just fit right in your space, but also add its own touch to what you have in mind.                                                                  

    Kenda Interiors is a new concept by NADIM that delivers the same standards and skill to luxury hotels and private spaces, with a flexible range of choices that cater to all aesthetic and practical demands. Inspired by Egyptian heritage, Kenda Interiors’ spectrum of contemporary designs covers all zones; from bedrooms, living rooms, and receptions, to bars, ceilings and more.

    If your own setting is almost finished, yet in need of a final touch to accentuate its beauty, Kenda Interiors’ vast collection of home accessories has something for you. Showcasing pieces by local brands and artists, Kenda Interiors showcases a collection of locally produced home accessories in the finest quality -from aromatic candles, stunning paintings and lush rugs, to opulent chandeliers, cosy cushions and beyond.

    Kenda Interiors’ collaboration is effective, and everybody is a winner here; the brand gets to accomplish their mission in delivering its quality products, local brands earn the exposure, and you get your space creates according to your own vision and personality.

    Be sure to pass by one of their showrooms -they are available at Concord Plaza, Mall of Egypt, and Dandy Mall. You can also explore their work on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.