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Tech Guide: Where to Buy an Apple iPad in Cairo

Tech Guide: Where to Buy an Apple iPad in Cairo
    written by
    Wesam Masoud

    Apple didn’t invent mp3 players, but they made them so darned well that
    the iPod has its own category on most consumer electronic websites. Now Apple,
    under the leadership of Steve Jobs, has tried their Cupertino-bred hands at
    making tablet computing a reality. Long considered a crackpot idea of Bill
    Gates, tablet PCs have been an elusive thing to master; most early models
    relied on shoehorning a bloated windows system into an underpowered laptop with
    a poor excuse for a touch interface. Essentially, they gave us a Windows-based
    touch screen laptop and tried to do away with the mouse and keyboard; often to
    disappointing results.

    However, the whizzes at Apple
    have rethought the concept: a tablet device should be an interface to
    everything else; namely cloud computing and the internet. You can check your
    email, watch and download rented movies via the Netflix application, and browse
    the internet. Can you edit photos? No. Can you use it to manage your iPod? No.
    It’s not built for that purpose, and once you can wrap your head around that; you’ll
    begin to see how the introduction of the iPad will fill gaps in your daily
    routine that you never knew you had.

    The iPad comes in six different combinations of internal memory (16GB,
    32GB and 64GB) and the choice of Wi-Fi or 3G/Wi-Fi versions. The Wi-Fi version
    has connectivity to the internet only through wireless router, while the 3G
    version adds the option of using a high-speed 3G data micro-SIM. For the
    uninitiated, a micro-SIM is exactly the same as a regular SIM card– just
    smaller. Some websites have guides on how to turn your regular SIM card into an
    iPad compatible micro-SIM. The cheapest 16GB Wi-Fi-only model retails in the US for US$499 (around EGP2800) and
    the most expensive 64GB 3G version sells for US$829 (around EGP4700).

    Yes, you want one now, don’tcha? Let’s clear one thing up: the iPad is
    not officially available in Egypt.
    It can still be yours, however. You either need to go abroad and buy one for
    yourself (or ask someone to buy you one on their way back to Egypt ) or you
    can buy it off the grey market– for at least double the price.

    The Apple Tradeline stores and El Ogeil
    in Cairo sell the iPad for 5000LE to 9000LE, depending on the model. Enterprising
    individuals have stocked up on iPads and are selling them on,
    the eBay of the Middle East for similar
    prices. There is still no word on when it will be officially available in Cairo, and
    even then; the local prices may not fall in line with the prices paid in the US.
    The only thing standing between you and the year’s coolest toy is money.