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The Art of Buying a Bad Gift That Makes You Look Good

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The Art of Buying a Bad Gift That Makes You Look Good
written by
Christina John
via العيال حبيبة

Do you have Christmas shopping that you purposefully forgot about? Do you end up having to buy a gift for your mortal enemy for the office’s Secret Santa? Or are you expected to get gifts for your family members and have no idea what to get your “hanfra7 biki emta?” aunt? No matter who you have to get Christmas presents for, we’re here to help! We’ll teach you how to buy gifts that seem useful but still send a message to the recipient.

For the Young and Annoying:

If you’re wondering what to get the youngest member of your family, we recommend gifting them one of Cairopolitan’s key chains. Whether they are loud at gatherings or mess with your stuff when they come over, these key chains can be viewed as cute miniature items or low-key threats. Of course, we hope they view it as the latter, and you get fewer “do you have games on your phone” requests when you see them next.

For the People You Don’t Really Care About:

Up next is a gift that screams, “I didn’t want to get you anything, but I thought I might as well”. Today, socks are seen as a cute present because they are disguised in adorable prints. The best thing about that is you can think of one thing this person likes and you’ll find a pair of socks with whatever that is printed on them. Do they like avocados? You’ll find dancing avocado socks. Do they like cats? You’ll find cute cats with sunglasses and socks. You can find a ton of funky socks on In Your Shoe’s website.


Ladies and gentlemen, the gift equivalent to receiving coal on Christmas is mugs. You can get as creative as you want with this one. Your friend whose entire personality revolves around drinking coffee would undoubtedly love this. You can customise a mug, or in other words, get a picture online and send it to Egypt Factory to print it for you.

For the Sake of Maintaining the Relationship:

Do you and your partner fight about who left the toilet seat up? You’ll never have to remind them again with this handy gadget. Record a message on this special toilet paper hanger, and it will automatically play it for whoever uses the toilet paper next. No more heated arguments about the bathroom essentials, thanks to OddBits.

For the Sake of Maintaining the Friendship:

There’s nothing worse than receiving something you actually need on Christmas. We know it is embarrassing to tell your friends that you can see their nose hairs. Avoid having that conversation by coincidentally buying them this handy gadget. Help your friend clear their airway passage with the help of Jumia.

For Your Chain Smoker Friend:

Get these skull or lung-shaped ashtrays for your friends who blow smoke in your face whenever you’re hanging out. This is your chance to be a buzzkill this holiday season and remind your smoker friends that they are one step closer to death with every puff. You can find these ashtrays on Amazon or at Jumbo.

For Your Very Own Scrooge:

This gift is for your greedy uncle or friend who asks to split the bill when you only ordered a water. Get them this book safe so they can store all the coins they refuse to give to the “Sayes”. Help your loved ones stay stingy by clicking here.

For the Boulevard of Broken Dreams #1:

We all have that one person in our lives who says they will be a Hollywood star one day, but no one around them has the guts to tell them they only have three facial expressions. Remind them of their failed acting career by buying them this film clacket. It will seem like you are supporting their dream, and they’ll like you better than their friend who keeps telling them to find a real job. Find a selection of clackets on Amazon or head to OddBits.

For the Boulevard of Broken Dreams #2:

Remember that cousin whose mom brags because her son is going to be a pilot one day? Get them a miniature model of that aeroplane they’ll never fly. It will still seem thoughtful because no one knows you are being petty. Find the miniature model of the airline that’ll reject them at OddBits.

For the Self-Absorbed:

We can’t forget about our self-obsessed friends who ask you to take pictures of them in every outfit they wear. To save yourself the hassle of taking a hundred photos, buy them this LED selfie light phone case. You’ll never have to help them find the right lighting ever again. And yes, they can set a timer and use the light for a full outfit check picture. Click here to save yourself from that tiresome task.

For Your Stinky Loved Ones:


Avoiding awkward conversations is a must, and worse than a hairy nose is someone with poor hygiene. So we recommend getting this Renga pencil case as a gift to send a hint without saying anything. If they still don’t get it, then next Christmas, get them a lifetime supply of shower gel and deodorant.