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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Award Winners: Healthy & Beauty Store Awards

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Award Winners: Healthy & Beauty Store Awards
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Cairo 360

In a city like Cairo, one comes to quickly realise that health and beauty products are essential. The heat, the pollution and the general wear and tear that inevitably befalls us all means that you need to take just that little extra bit of care with your body – because you know what they say about mind, body and soul.

While there are plenty of places to find products to do exactly that, the winners in the Health & Beauty category in this year’s Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards offer unique, effective, quality products that place them atop of their mountain.


As one of the most unique shops of its kind in Cairo, Mohandiseen’s Bloom is a department store that specialises in health, beauty and wellness products, as well as personal service touching on beauty, mother and child care, amongst other rings. In addition to housing exclusive products that you won’t find anywhere else in the city, the staff are knowledgeable, offering excellent service.

Body Bakes

Whether it’s at its own booths or at shops such as ABnG World, Body Bakes products has quickly become a favourite in Cairo, thanks in part to its all-natural sulphate-free soaps, shampoos and body scrubs. What catches the eye (and nose) with Body Bakes, however, is the creativity in the products appearance as well as their scents – basil and pina colada are just to of the wacky scents you’ll find across the products.


As one of the first shops to champion locally-made goods, Nefertari holds a special place in many a heart across Cairo. While bits-and-bobs such as their Egyptian cotton bathrobes and towels are hugely popular, what sets it apart as a chain is the consistent quality in its natural beauty products, which also happen to be great value-for-money.

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