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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2016: Books & Entertainment Award Winners

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2016: Books & Entertainment Award Winners
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Cairo 360

In terms of books, stationery, games and entertainment, Cairo has never been served more emphatically in these domains than now. With top, local bookshop chains continuing to expand, more and more independent bookshops opening, the pursuit of the printed word has never been easier, with smaller, local publishing houses finding an avenue to readers and the best literature from around the world doing likewise.

The same goes for games and entertainment; gaming culture has become more sophisticated and facilitated more and easier access and involvement. The below winners, then, are the shops and venues that have helped develop these areas for Cairenes with quality, consistency and, occasionally, creativity.

Al Kotob Khan (Books & Stationery Award)

Sporting an atmosphere that resembles something more of a library-come-study space, Al Kotob Khan’s wide collections and welcoming nature has made it one of the most popular bookshops in Cairo.

Alef Bookstore (Books & Stationery Award)

Having just opened a new branch in London, Alef Bookstore has risen to prominence in the last few years as one of the best bookshop chains in Egypt.

Alwan (Books & Stationery Award)

A go-to for artists across Cairo, Alwan stands as possibly the top stationery and art supplies chains in the city, boasting a huge variety of items.

Bakier (Books & Stationery Award)

With branches in Heliopolis, Maadi and 6th of October City, local stationer, Bakier, also offers you the chance to shop online for its huge variety of products.

Diwan (Books & Stationery Award)

Founded by sisters, Hind & Nadia Wassef, back in 2002, Down is without doubt the most popular bookshop chain in Egypt. Fourteen years on since its opening, it has evolved into a hub of culture and literature.

El Maayergy Stationery (Books & Stationery Award)

Founded in 1983, El Maayergy Stationery has plenty of pedigree behind it and offers a huge variety of stationery goods at reasonable prices.

International Book Center (Books & Stationery Award)

Unlike the other winners in this category the International Book Center in Heliopolis has come to be a an influential institution in education, opening up the world of books to a wider, and younger, audience.

Lehnert & Landrock (Books & Stationery Award)

Bookshop, gallery, publishing house, treasure cove of history; there’s nothing quite like Downtown Cairo’s Lehnert & Landrock, which houses unique, one-of-a-kind books, as well as stunning photography prints and other knick-knacks.

Maktoob Bookstore (Books & Stationery Award)

Selling books for as little as 5LE and boasting a borrowing system not dissimilar to a library, Maktoob Bookstore in Zamalek is modest in every way, but has become one of the most unique book-pedlars of its kind.

Samir & Ali (Books & Stationery Award)

As a household name in stationery, there’s a pleasing no-frills approach about Samir & Ali that highlights its quality, varied goods – a go-to for stationery if there ever was one.

Shorouk Bookstore (Books & Stationery Award)

Standing as one of the most popular bookshops in Cairo, there’s not much in the way of Arabic-language books at Shorouk, where regular pen discussions, launches and workshops also take place.

Kryptonite (Games & Entertainment Award)

Stacked to the brim with comics and other collectibles, there’s a bit of a cult to Kryptonite, which pays testament to its role in bringing all things geeky to the masses.

Play N Trade (Games & Entertainment Award)

 Video game culture in Cairo has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years (with local developers emerging) and Play N Trade’s range of games and other relevant miscellaneous products have made them a leader in the field.

Super Stash (Games & Entertainment Award)

Touted as a ‘haven for hobbyists’, New Cairo’s Super Stash is as much of a place for a meeting-of-minds; stocking everything from comic books, to vinyl records, the quirky shop also hosts events and discussions – a unique venue in every sense.

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