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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Special Retailers Award Winners

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Special Retailers Award Winners
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Cairo 360

While the Specialist Retailers category of the Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards might read like a miscellaneous grouping, that would be ding  grave disservice to its winners. You see, this is a category that celebrates the shops and retailers that have dared to do something different – the ones that have taken a risk, often times in a niche, and have come up trumps.

From food, to video games, to florists, here are this year’s winners. Congratulations!

Specialist Foods Award

Abu Auf

With Ramadan on the horizon, Abu Auf is expecting a busy few weeks – and when it comes to nuts and dried fruits, there’s no better place to go all year round.

Dina Farms

From a 1,500 acre farm in the late 80s, to one of the biggest names in food across the region in 2017, Dina Farms has been providing top quality produce and their supermarkets offer fresh, quality goods at decent prices.

Fresh Food Market

One of the newest names on this list, Fresh Food Market wasted no time in adding their own spin on gourmet food shopping, which includes several ‘food corners’ that serve up all kinds of foods, including sushi and pizza.

Gourmet Egypt

Shopping in Gourmet is often quite he pleasure – if, like us, you get a kick out of roaming supermarkets an umming and ahhing at everything. With unrivalled quality and items rarely found elsewhere in the city, Gourmet is one of Cairo’s best.

House of Cocoa

A haven for chocoholics all across the city, House of Cocoa offers all manner of gourmet chocolate products and does so with outstanding quality and creativity.


While vitamins and other nutritional products are most associated with Imtenan, dig further and you’;; find unique foods and drinks – everything from honeys and teas, to spice and herbs that are rare.


Half-deli, half-grocer, Ma7ali’s delicious cured meats are just the tip of the iceberg, with the Maadi favouritealso stocking a consistently rotating selection of organic food products.

Wadi Food

Although Wadi Food products can be found in any supermarket in Cairo, its’ the brands own shops that have shined a light on the huge range of quality goods it offers.

Games & Entertainment Award

Play N Trade

The gaming scene in Egypt is at its most prolific and one of the biggest helping hands has been Play N Trade, who stock all the latest games, a handy second-hand system to sell your old games and other funky miscellaneous items.

Games 2 Egypt

Fusing two of the most burgeoning fields in Egypt – video games and online shopping – Games 2 Egypt has quickly become a favourite among gamers across the city.

Books & Stationery Award

Al Kotob Khan

Yes, the shop is incredibly well-stocked, ut what has made Al Kotob Khan so successful and popular is its welcoming atmosphere, which student often take advantage of in for a bit of quiet study time.

Alef Bookstores

Last year, Alef climbed up to the ultimate ladder rung – it opened a swanky branch in London. Back home, it stills stands as one of the best book and stationary shops in Cairo.


The shelves upon shelves stacked with stationery and art supplies are quite overwhelming for first-time visitors of Alwan’s Zamalek branch. But once you find your bearings, it’s a treasure chest of, well, everything.


While not spoken of in the same breath as other Cairo chains, Bakier’s three branches have found a market and the store is as good as any when it comes to books and stationery.

Diwan Bookstores

The big boss of books, Diwan, continues to set the standard of what a bookshop should be. It’s become an institution in its own right and thoroughly deserves another Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Award.

Lehnert & Landrock

Is it a bookshop? Is it a gallery? Is it a publishing house? The unique Lehnert & Landrock is all of these things, in addition to being a treasure cove of history in Downtown Cairo.

Shorouk Bookstores

Whether you’re looking for a summer read, want to put your two-cents into an open discussion or take part in a writing workshop, Shorouk offers it all, as well as an excellent range of books.

Floristry & Floral Design

Box of Roses

When in doubt, always go to Box of Roses – a florist that manages to pull a certain type of flair out of simplicity and elegance.

Flower Power

What started off as a modest shop in New Cairo has turned into one of the most in-demand florist in the city. Flower Power takes a clean, chic, modern approach to its floral design and Cairo can’t get enough of it.


Horticulture isn’t as big a passion or hobby as it maybe could be in Cairo, but with shops like Khadra, it slowly is. Located in Sheikh Zayed, the shop sells everything from plants and trees to herbs and horticulture accessories.

Outside In

Outside In is a little different than the other winners, in that it exclusively sells artificial flowers. But before you scoff, take a look at that this floral design gallery has to offer. Actually we’ll just tells you – creative arrangements that look stunning as décor pieces.

Touch of Flower

Touch of Flower is actually more than a florist – in fact, it’s a full-blown event organizer. But it’s their floral skills that has earned it a place on this list and a place in many a heart. Awwww.