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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2018: Specialist Retailers Award Winners
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Cairo 360

There is a special place in our heart for those miscellaneous shops, those who offer something different, or something ordinary in quite a unique way. This is the Specialist Retailers category of the Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards, and although the whole lot is grouped into a large miscellaneous section, it is created with the utmost love, to celebrate those shops.

Whether it’s food, flowers, or books, these are the top places to shop for such items in Cairo. So check out the list of this year’s winners.

Specialist Foods Awards

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Abu Auf

The top brand when it comes to nuts and dried fruits. Abu Auf has established itself as the go-to name when it comes to those items.

Dina Farms

Perhaps one of the best success stories in Egypt. Starting as a 1,500 acre farm in the late 80s, it decided to launch its own store, and now, it’s one of the top names for quality produce. Dina Farms provides fresh, quality goods at decent prices.

Gourmet Egypt

In keeping with its name, Gourmet Egypt prides itself in offering top quality products. Whether its imported, home-baked, or home-grown, Gourmet has everything you might need for any meal of the day. You’ll get top quality items, and will find products that are nearly impossible to get anywhere else.

House of Cocoa

If you love chocolate, then you’ll love House of Cocoa. It’s a haven for chocoholics to select from a seemingly endless range of gourmet chocolate products.


Probably the most famous natural and healthy products in town, Imtenan offers everything from vitamins, nutritional products, or unique foods and drink. Rare herbs and spices or flavorful honeys and teas, all is available at Imtenan.


The half-deli, half-grocer has become a Maadi favorite, and has even managed to bring people from further away in Cairo. Their delicious cured meats are perhaps their most famous offering, but they also provide a consistently rotating selection of organic food products.

Wadi Food

While being available in supermarkets around Cairo, Wadi Food’s own shops still offer something special. Their huge range of quality goods earn it a place on our list.

Books & Stationery Awards

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Al Kotob Khan

A fully stocked shop with diverse offerings and a welcoming atmosphere, Al Kotob Khan is so successful in bringing in students from all over Cairo for a quiet time of focus, which made it popular among most Cairenes.

Alef Bookstores

The local favourite has taken steps towards international recognition by opening a branch in London. Alef is still one of the most popular bookstores and stationary shops in Cairo.


Perhaps not the most famous bookstores in Egypt, yet Bakier, with its three branches, has found a number of die-hard fans that prefer it over other mainstream bookstores. 

Diwan Bookstores

This is not the first time and it probably won’t be the last that Diwan Bookstores finds its way on our list. It’s arguably one of the biggest bookstore names in Egypt at the moment, and thoroughly deserves yet another award.

Lehnert & Landrock

A mixture between a gallery and a bookshop, Lehnert & Landrock is a unique combination that also functions as a publishing house. Founded in 1904, Lehnert & Landrock is probably the oldest functioning bookstore in Egypt.

Shorouk Bookstores

Shorouk Bookstores distinguishes itself a bit from competition by offering a vast array of books, and an excellent selection of writing workshops. 

 Floristry & Floral Design Awards 

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Box of Roses

Just like its name, Box of Roses offers roses in boxes, as simple as that. Yet their arrangement and colour choices are exceptional, and truly proves how simplicity can inspire elegance.


This is not your regular flower shop, Khadra presents itself as the haven for all plant lovers and plant growers. If horticulture is your thing, head over to find a beautiful selection of plants, trees, herbs, and all the horticulture accessories you may need.

Outside In

Another unique shop is Outside In, it sets itself apart by offering artificial flowers only. While this may not seem as a competitive edge, you’ll probably change your mind after you check out their floral arrangements; they’ll last longer too!

May Flowers

A new entry in our list, the Zamalek shack is not only a floral shop, but it also functions as an event organiser. Their unique flower collections and impeccable taste in arrangement earns them a solid place on our list this year.