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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: Home Stores Award Winners

beit matta caravanserai Creative Egypt Design Emporium Eklego fair trade egypt Home Stores Award Winners Nefertari Nillens The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021
The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: Home Stores Award Winners
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    Home is where the heart is, and the following brands have turned many houses into lovely homes so very easily to the point that people have become tempted to leave their hearts at home. Tread carefully when shopping through the winners of this year’s Home Stores Awards, for they might not only steal your heart, but also take your breath away with their fantastic creations.

    Creative Egypt

    Let us begin with a brand that celebrates the Egyptian traditional style with many items including pottery, woodworks, home accessories, and  furniture, all made with extra love and care.

    Fair Trade Egypt

    A lot of handmade brands can make wallets tremble in fear, but that’s entirely not the case with Fair Trade. Selling different handicrafts from all over Egypt, Fair Trade has helped the good quality of local artisanship to get some fair recognition.


    We bet you’d love having reactions from visitors like the usual “Where did you get that from?” and “You know, my birthday is coming up soon”. We suggest you invest in Caravanserai’s items like coffee tables that also double as secret chests and unique fabrics that beautifully carry traditional Arabic styles among other artistic excellence that the brand has on display.

    Beit Matta

    Peter Matta started designing for his brand around 10 years ago, and now, his wildly colorful pieces are being sold in Mykonos! The vibrant chairs with playful patterns and traditional silver home accessories with a slight modern touch all played a part in Matta’s impressive success story.


    Nillens offer more than just gorgeous handmade tie-dye towels, but their Instagram rhymes. Aside from the witty Nillen Linens name, all we really want to do this summer is walk around the house in their comfy kimonos and sink into a bed covered with their fresh sheets, and you’ll also want to do the same after the first trial.


    This all-natural brand, Nefertari offers organic oils, lotions, foot scrubs, and their 100% natural kohl is the closest you’ll get to feeling like a Pharaoh. Apart from that, Nefertari also sells a large collection of towels, slippers, and many products made from Egyptian cotton.

    Design Emporium

    One of the few brands in Egypt that provides high end brands for wallpapers, furniture, and fabrics is Design Emporium. With a repertoire that includes the likes of Nina Campbell and Ralph Lauren, the brand has established itself as one of the leading houses in the fabric and wallpaper industry.


    Interior design must combine beauty with intelligence; pretty items to look at, and also comfortable to navigate around. Eklego managed to blend both worlds effortlessly by supplying free consultation sessions and tips about decoration so that the house you live in can always feel familiar.