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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2022: Boutique and High-End Fashion Winners

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2022: Boutique and High-End Fashion Winners
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Cairo 360

Egypt has always been renowned for its fashion, from the country’s golden era of tailor-made clothes to current designer brands that are continuously pioneering different styles in clothing and accessories. As the capital’s fashion cements its reputation for both women’s and men’s fashion, we can’t help but have a deep appreciation for the Egyptian brands that help that reputation grow. Some brands have even gone international!

So, we’ve chosen these brands as the winners for this year’s Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards! 

Boho Gallery 

One of our favourite go-to shops, Boho Gallery, was founded by Lina Maklad, who did us all a huge favour with her creation! This boutique (or gallery) collects the many works of various designers, including Maklad herself, of course. Holding unique pieces that encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, the boutique will make your style pop!

Maison 69

A reviewer for Maison 69 once said: “This boutique is a piece of art, and you can’t get enough of it”. And we wholeheartedly agree! Maison 69 was inspired by unique artworks, so it’s very selective about the pieces it displays, both in terms of fashion and art. 

Orange Square 

Dedicated to making the greatest, tailor-made suits and tuxedos you’ll ever find in Cairo, Orange Square is one of the go-to spots for menswear. The shop has plenty of options that we wholeheartedly recommend—even our very own celebrities do their suit-shopping from Orange Square and, if you’ve seen them, you know how high-quality that work is. 


A multi-brand store that provides a lot of luxurious, high-end brands in the same space, Beymen can be found at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel. If you’re looking for a prestigious place to buy your next gift, Beymen has plenty of options for you! 


A successful Egyptian brand specialising in bags and sunglasses, Okhtein means ‘two sisters’ in Arabic, and the brand is owned by two sisters. It’s extremely famous and globally renowned—even Beyoncé has been spotted with its products! If you need to see what success and quality look like, just take a look at Okhtein. 

NILE Eyewear 

Innovation and style are the main things that NILE Eyewear provides in its products, as the brand has a range of trendy and stylish eyewear for everyday use. These glasses are also guaranteed to last for a long while because the brand’s products are brilliantly crafted by talented workers who excel at bringing you the best of what they produce. 

La Vie En Rose

With a diverse collection of sleepwear and lingerie, La Vie En Rose provides the best materials, and its products are suitable for all. And it doesn’t stop there! This brand also has swimwear and other items you’ll need for your comfort at home and outside. 


This is yet another successful, international haute couture brand! Created and mostly designed by Egyptian designer Farida Temraza, Temraza specialises in making evening and bridal dresses. It’s no secret that everyone hopes to get their hands on a Temraza gown, as the brand is that exquisite! 

Azza Fahmy 

As a renowned Egyptian jewellery genius, Azza Fahmy creates unique designs with her tremendous talent. After training at Khan El-Khalili, the designer has never stopped dazzling us with the gorgeous designs she continuously blesses us with. Her brand keeps handcrafting perfection that comes in the form of pure, beautiful jewellery you can show off. 


A brand with a Mediterranean style inspired by the culture around it, Mango has delicate, detailed pieces. It’s considered very contemporary and flowy to match the style it offers, a style you’ll personally want to achieve. 

New Yorker 

An urban streetwear brand, New Yorker has a trendy way of introducing fashion statements that allow you to express yourself freely. With 44 branches worldwide and 3 in our beloved Cairo, this brand has never disappointed—we’ve never been as happy as we are once we peruse its clothing choices.

Sami Amin 

Good quality leather fashion pieces like bags, belts, or wallets are extremely hard to find, which is why Sami Amin and his designs should be on your list if you need any high-quality purchases. We’re not even exaggerating—this brand will become your new go-to for all things leather!