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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2022: Specialist Retailers Award Winners

2022 cairo ECAs Editors' Choice Awards egypt Retailers Specialists
The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2022: Specialist Retailers Award Winners
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As professional shoppers, there’s nothing that we like more than going into stores that give us the luxury of having too many options; shops that can sell us anything from fragrant candles to bookmarks, even products we didn’t know we wanted when we stepped inside. The only thing we might like more is knowing what a list of the best of those miscellaneous product-selling shops looks like…so we took the initiative and wrote one ourselves.

Read on to find out the winning shops for the 2022 Editors’ Choice Award for Specialist Retailers! 

Specialist Food Awards 


Known as the go-to shop for those who love all that is natural, Imtenan has everything you could ever need, and we mean everything. From vitamins to nutritional foods and drinks, this shop has an expansive range of items waiting for you!

Abu Auf

Where do you go if you get a sudden craving for nuts? To Abo Auf, of course! This shop is the go-to Egyptian spot for nuts, dried fruits, and much more. We’ll even bet that you’re now craving its cashews as you read this.

Healthy and Tasty

You know what we love more than shopping for food? Shopping for food items that we know are good for our bodies and will improve our health without betraying the element of good flavour. And, luckily for us, the Healthy and Tasty shops found all around Egypt have been giving us just that!

Dina Farms

A household name since the ’80s when it was first established, Dina Farms moved from being a farm to being a full-fledged empire with products that have us returning for more. This establishment doesn’t just offer high-quality products; it also offers decent prices, combining the best of both worlds!

The Grocer

With a simple goal found in its slogan (Eat Good Food), The Grocer is on a mission to feed Egyptians items of the highest calibre. And we’re happy to say that this shop is succeeding. With branches in the Fifth Settlement, Sheikh Zayed, and Zamalek, The Grocer isn’t a place to miss out on.

Gourmet Egypt

A testament to its name, Gourmet Egypt specialises in providing us with the crème de la crème of household groceries, so it’s only natural that it has a special place in our hearts (and stomachs). When visiting any Gourmet Egypt shop, you’re guaranteed to find what you need.

House of Cocoa

A lover of all things sweet? Then you definitely have a deep-seated appreciation for House of Cocoa, which we totally understand. As a haven for people who love sugary, chocolatey treats, this shop will soothe your palate with the most delectable confections.

Books and Stationery Awards 

Diwan Bookstores

A haven for book lovers, Diwan Bookstores is a household name that we cannot live without! This bookstore also offers many different items, like stationery, scented candles, and much more!

Al Kotob Khan

Possessing a range of different items, Al Kotob Khan specialised in bringing students and other people from all around Cairo to enjoy some peace and quiet. That’s a rare thing in our beloved capital, which is why this place is as cherished as it is.


Steadily climbing up the ranks, Bakier has been making a name for itself for quite some time now. With three branches in Cairo, this bookstore will surely be one of your favourites if you pay it a visit.

Shorouk Bookstores

Offering more than just books, Shorouk Bookstores is a quintessential Cairene gem that we just can’t get enough of. The bookstore also provides writing workshops and books on all sorts of subjects.

Floristry and Floral Design Awards

Box of Roses

Much as the name says, Box of Roses will provide you with a box that is, well, full of flowers. You may think that’s too simple, but with the flower arrangements the shop also provides, you’ll undoubtedly feel aesthetically blessed.

Outside In

Specialising in artificial flowers and greenery, Outside In offers a unique perspective on the floristry industry that we feel endlessly enamoured by. Of course, it doesn’t hurt knowing that the flowers are artificial means they’ll last for much longer than natural flowers will!

May Flowers

Found in Zamalek, May Flowers is much more than a flower shop. It also organises events! With solid floral arrangements and innovative bouquets, this shop is set to revolutionise the floristry world.

Flower Power

Another shop combining the power of floral arrangements and event planning, Flower Power is certainly a brand to keep an eye out for because it’s here to shake things up. With its expressive floral designs and spectacular events, it’s definitely on its way to becoming a household name.