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The Cairo360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: Designer and High End Fashion Award Winners

Beymen boho gallery Designer and High-End Fashion Award Winners maison 69 NILE Eyewear orange square Sami Amin Shopping The Cairo360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021
The Cairo360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: Designer and High End Fashion Award Winners
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Cairo 360

With a large number of new local brands popping up around Egypt, there is more and more variety to choose high-end fashion from every day. To help you pick your best outfits, we bring you this year’s list of those who were able to maintain a spot at the top of the upper echelons in the fashion scene. 

Maison 69

Standing out is what this store is known for. From their home accessories section to their one of a kind clothing pieces and the actual design of the store, Maison 69 is for those who have a very distinctive taste in fashion.

Sami Amin

Classy and chic, Sami Amin has always offered distinguished designs in every collection they have released to date. All their accessories, ranging from leather bags, to handmade accessories, are gift-appropriate, and you can get costume made pieces upon request.

Boho Gallery

For something extra chic, you should browse through Boho Gallery’s outfits. Keep your wardrobe à la mode with their trendy pieces that will guarantee you looking like you’re ready for the runway.

Orange Square

We wanted to add something just for the guys on this list, so we had to mention Orange Square. Next time you’re shopping for suits and tuxedoes, pay a visit to their shop and you will not be disappointed.


This Turkish department store is known for selling authentic high-end brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, and Off-White, so you don’t have to scour the internet for hand-me-down items.

NILE Eyewear

For almost a decade, Nile Eyewear has been known for designing some of the most stylight sunglasses in the market. We can guarantee that no “hot girl summer” is complete without a pair of their fire shades.