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The King’s Mother: Chic, Luxurious, and Local

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The King’s Mother: Chic, Luxurious, and Local
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Egyptian designers are taking over the world, and Farida Naguib, the woman behind The King’s Mother, is a testament of this. Naguib has had a passion for drawing and painting for the longest time. According to The King’s Mother’s website, Naguib studied “at the London College of Fashion, where she completed a year in the Art and Design program, followed by a BA in Fashion Management.” Naguib also has experience as a marketer.

Given her passion for fashion, her reputable degree, and her experience in marketing and design, Naguib decided to found her own clothing brand in 2016. Creatively named, The King’s Mother, Naguib wanted – and managed – to create a fashion brand that would fill in the gap in the market for contemporary and stylish blazers.

Surely, you are pondering over the inspiration behind the brand’s chosen name. Well, for this it’s best to read what Naguib has to say:

“Blazers were first introduced to the garment industry as sports attire, worn by members of the Oxford and Cambridge rowing teams. Serving as a status symbol for the winning teams, members began wearing their blazers socially as a representation of pride. The word “blazer” in itself comes from the associated tradition of rowing, fashioned by the prestigious rowing club ‘Lady Margaret Boat Club’, of St John’s College, Cambridge University. It was this victorious team that gave term to the word blazer being recognized for their ‘blazing red jackets’ and transforming “blazing” from an adjective to a noun. It wasn’t just the blazing red that the rowing club was known for, but their prominent namesake Lady Margaret Beaufort. Lady Margaret, King Henry VII’s mother was a noteworthy woman of many achievements. When King Henry VII won the Battle of Roses and was crowned King, Lady Margaret became referred to as ‘The King’s Mother’. The King’s Mother refers to an esteemed era, one of elegance, originality, strength, and success – a true representation of what every piece will deliver to its owners.”

Despite the simplicity of the concept, this brand truly has an empowering and unique essence to it. Indeed, every blazer has the power to tell a distinct narrative to tell about the person wearing it. Some have strong structured shoulders with velvet and lace combined, while others have a dramatic twist of vintage and modern. The styles are fashion forward and not hard to style, all you need is a pair of jeans and heels, and you’ll automatically pull it off.

The brand has created five collections so far, but still did not do anything this year. With more than six thousand followers on Instagram, this brand is now being considered a luxury brand as they dressed some of our favourite actors and influencers like Hend Sabry, Soraya Bakhtiar and Maria Muñoz. It is important to note here that Maria Muñoz, co-founder of Maison Pyramide, was wearing one of The King’s Mother blazers when she appeared in Vogue Arabia.

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Feel free to visit The King’s Mother’s official website, and browse through their amazing collection. You can also follow The King’s Mother on Instagram!