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This Egyptian App Will Transform Your Online Shopping Experience

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This Egyptian App Will Transform Your Online Shopping Experience
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One of the unspoken rules of travelling abroad in Egypt is for people to let their friends and family member know when they’re travelling abroad so the travelers can come home bearing requested products. While some products may not be available at all in Egypt, others are much cheaper abroad. Unfortunately, sometimes your social circle is not enough to cover your shopping needs, which is why HitchHiker have pounced on that need and created an ingenious solution. 

How so? Let’s just say that this App connects travelers with potential shoppers. The App connects you to a traveler, you then remotely order and pay for the items you need; you then arrange with the traveler to have the items delivered to his/her doorstep, and upon his/her return you shall receive the items you ordered. This method is incredibly cheap, compared to international shipping; for example, if you are asking one of the App’s US travelers to bring you something, it coasts about 10-25 US Dollars per kilo of requested items. 


The genius about this idea is that all parties get something, so it’s a win-win-win situation. If you like to buy stuff from other countries, you could be the ideal customer for this service App. And, as for frequent travelers, you can make use of your travels and earn some extra cash. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the App, connect with a traveler of your choice, chat to settle on details, and wait for your products.