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This Egyptian Household Item Is Making International Headlines

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This Egyptian Household Item Is Making International Headlines
written by
Sherif Khairy

Things like this are the reasons why we fall in love with Egypt over and over again. You see, Eater, one of the major food websites in the US, just wrote a piece on the brilliance that is a “Turkish Coffee Warmer”.

Yes, that’s right, they wrote a piece telling people about the Kanaka, how much of a brilliant invention it is, and how it is set to revolutionise the coffee game, replacing pricey coffee makers. So while Egyptian couples out there are debating which brand of coffee maker to buy for their home to make the fresh taste of coffee much easier, Americans are going the other way and are just rediscovering our very own Kanaka.

Of course, Kanaka is not much of a brand name, while “Turkish Coffee Warmer” sounds so much better. They sat down with an expert on the matter of Kanakas, Chef Reem Assil who owns restaurants in Oakland. Chef Assil told them about her childhood memories of how her mother used to make Arabic coffee in these genius Turkish warmers. The soothing boiling of the coffee grounds, and the overflowing of the frothy coffee layer. What do you think they’ll say when they find out about our Sebertaya?

They go on to talk about how you could do a whole lot more than just make coffee in this small pot, such as melting chocolate. Little do they know, some of us even use it to boil eggs. The downside though is that Turkish Coffee Makers come at a pricey $10 (we’re pretty sure you can buy it in Cairo for less than half that price).

The things that are quite normal to us sound like genius ideas for foreigners, and this is a chance to reflect on what we have and be thankful for it, and it also forms a great business opportunity for those who can see it.