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UNCLE MO Pickles: A Modern & Delicious Twist on an Egyptian Classic

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UNCLE MO Pickles: A Modern & Delicious Twist on an Egyptian Classic
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Cairo 360

Featured image via UNCLE MO Pickles


What do Egyptians love more than kahk and kunafa? The answer to that question is pickles. Pickles are a staple item in any Egyptian household; we really don’t know any true Egyptian foodie who isn’t in love with pickles (or, as Egyptians call it, “me5lel”). Now, because we pride ourselves on being a guide to all types of Egyptians – not just those who are in love with desserts or can’t wait to get their hands on some kahk – we are here to you all about Uncle Mo Pickles.

No one pickles quite like UNCLE MO Pickles; this local brand produces freshly cut pickles with exotic flavours and fancy packaging. You might have seen their booth at Eish and Malah, Galleria 40, or Palm Hills Club, as they love to head out around Cairo hosting special one-day events.

Abdallah Rady and Seif Faraht, the co-founders, thought out of the box when they started to target a product that every Egyptian household needs; indeed, pickles are essential to have on the table, whether its breakfast or dinner time. Moreover, their pickles contain no artificial flavours, and no preservatives, as they focus on using all-natural ingredients. As such, these guys have managed to bring life to something so basic, by transforming it into a modern product, suitable for the age of Instagram. In other words, these guys took a risk and managed to succeed by delivering high-quality, delicious products.

You can find them at Sunny Market in Zamalek and Nature’s Delight in Katameya Heights. Offering different jar sizes and flavours, from sweet and sour pickles to more classic options, these guys have something for everyone. Prices start from 35 EGP, and they deliver all around Cairo.

So, to all those Cairenes, who enjoy savoury pickled treats over sweet desserts, make sure you check out their official Instagram account, and pay their Facebook page a visit.