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Valentine’s Day Gifts: the Classic, the Cool, and the Tacky!‎

Valentine’s Day Gifts: the Classic, the Cool, and the Tacky!‎
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Featured image via Voila Chocolate and Pastry Shop – Facebook


One thing we take pride in, is keeping our promise; last week we promised you an article about Valentine’s Day gifts, and here you are. We’re trying as much as we can to cater to all needs, so you’ll find us suggesting, the classic, the cool, and the tacky –from time to time, one must receive a tacky gift, you know? It’s healthy! How? We not know. Come on, it’s Valentine’s Day; it couldn’t get tackier than this. We’re not saying which is tacky, cool, or classic – we’ll leave it to your taste.

A Plant:

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It’s not that we are always politically correct, but we’re against giving pets as gifts, so we’re giving you the next best option – a plant! Of course, it, too, needs an ounce of care and love, just as any pet. But at least a plant won’t go barking, or meowing around – or worse turn your house into a public loo. Just make sure your Valentine will take good care of it!

Local brand Mashtal offers a round of Valentine’s  Day specials, whose prices range between 99LE, and 330LE. These prices are for the plants in a nursery pot, but if you want to take it up another notch, you can choose the pot for an additional fees. For example, a tulip plant in a nursing pot is for 99LE, but if you choose the black glazed pot, you’ll pay 319LE. 

You can order it online. The bad news is you can’t pay online, but the good news is that you can add the billing address, and the shipping address as well. Here’s the Facebook page and Instagram.


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What is a Valentine’s Day with a flower bouquet? Well, this gift is not innovative, however, Fiori Cairo, has come up with a brilliant idea that will put a smile on your art-loving Valentine! The local florist offers an exclusive edition called When Flowers Meet Art, which pays tribute to Vincent Van Gogh; using prints from some of his famous works, that represent flowers, as wrapping papers. Isn’t it lovely?

The place also offers a host of artificial flowers, offered in various wrappings that suits all tastes. Check the Facebook page, or instagram account.



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Now that we mentioned flowers, we might as well let Valentine’s Day run its natural course, listing chocolates as well. Nothing’s wrong with classics, as long as they come with a twist. Pastry shop Voila celebrates the season with a collection called Fairy Tale, including a round of lovey-dovey shaped cakes; from the chocolate and cherry fudge Cherry Love Cake (180LE) that serves up to 5 persons, and gateau pieces (40LE).

Voila also offers assorted chocolates boxes from its Fairy Tale collection, that come in small, medium, and large, at the prices 200, 400, and 750LE, respectively. The chocolates look so sweet, with some boasting a heart shape, and other looking like lips.

Here’s the venue’s instagram. You can also find them in Mohandiseen, Obour City.


Artisan Leather Goodies:

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X-Folio . Sand – Phone Case Pouch Wallet . Brown . #garageleather

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The first thing that pops in one’s mind when thinking about a gift for him is a wallet; it’s personal, it’s practical, and it’s a gift that will never go wrong –we suppose. The twist to the classic Valentine’s Day gift is finding a local brand that offer artisan leather goodies, and Garage Leather is a go-to – in fact, you can have it delivered to your doorstep through shopping online from their website. 

In addition to a range of wallets, and cards wallet that are for 750LE and 500LE, respectively, Garage Leather offers a phone case pouches that can come in handy (700LE). As for her; the brand has a spectrum of leather goodies, including bags that range between 1900 and 3000LE, as well as wallets and card wallets, at the prices of 800LE and 500LE, respectively.


Body care Products:

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Irresistible for her, whether she’ll be using them on daily basis, or not, body care products have their magic. Haven Body Care offers a special Valentine’s Day gift set for 750LE. The set includes body scrub, body butter, lavender & vanilla body mist, lip balm, lip scrub, a face towel, two tubes of bath salts, and glycerin face soap. We also stumbled upon a rose and macron shaped soap box that comes at the price of 200LE, in case you find the first’s price too steep to your budget.