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Valentine’s Day in Cairo: 10 Gift Ideas for Both the Romantic & the Cynical

Valentine’s Day in Cairo: 10 Gift Ideas for Both the Romantic & the Cynical
written by
Omar Yousry

The debate on Valentine’s Day is as old as the day itself. There are those that dismiss it as one of the greatest marketing ploys ever unleashed on mankind whose sentiment is hollow and then there are, of course, those that welcome the season of chocolates, flowers and romance with open arms.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, it needn't be a sappy affair, but just an excuse to do something nice for your significant other and maybe even get something nice in return – whatever that thing may be, ahem. Either way, here are ten gift ideas that are either super cool or super cheesy depending on how you feel about Valentine's Day.

1. Chocolate

Valentine's Day or not, you can’t go wrong with a luscious box of chocolates – because, well, it's chocolate. Get your loved ones an assortment of gourmet chocolate from House of Cocoa (from 30LE) or head to the Batter Half & Co for some of delicious chocolate fudge cake (225LE) or some red velvet cake pops (8LE per piece). Also recommended for cynical singles looking to drown their lonliness into an oblivion of chocolate.

2. Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Ideal for a stay-at-home Valentine's night, a chocolate fountain paired with marshmallows and some seasonal fruit is always a crowd pleaser. Chocolate Fondue Fountains begin from 299 LE and are available at the Giftery.

3. Chipolo Tracking Device 

Chipolo is small tracking device you can attach to your keys, your wallet or your purse that connects to your smart phone and helps you keep track of your lost items. Alternatively, you can secretly plant it on them so that you know where they are at all times – mwuahahah! Chipolo costs 319LE and can be found at the Giftery.  

4. Spa Gift Cards

Give your significant other a much needed break away from the hustle and bustle of this largely unromantic city called Cairo with a relaxing spa treatment. Spa treatments are aplenty in Cairo where an anti-stress package starts from 550LE at Manuela Thai Spa or at a steep 650LE upwards for optimum anti-wrinkle treatment and anti-aging for eyes and lips from Mohamed Al Sagheer. Tread carefully with the latter one, though, lest it be taken as some kind of comment on your partner's appearance…

5. Box of Roses

Flowers are a staple when it comes to Valentine’s Day, whether from your nearest florist or from one of the increasing number of fancier flower shops in Egypt's capital. We recommend Box of Roses for a sophisticated selection handpicked, packed and available in different colors. The price for one box of roses is between 100LE to 650LE. Vase not included; do not fill the boox with water.

6. 52 Things I Love About You

If you want to get a simple romantic gift without going overboard, you can opt for a deck of cards, where each card states things you love about your partner, in addition to 10 blank cards where you can write your customised reasons too – awwww. 52 Things I Love About You is for 99LE and is available through the Giftery.   

7. Music Pillow

Borderline cheesy/ genius, the music pillow is a creative Valentine’s gift combining music and comfort. The music pillow is designed to fit your neck and shoulders to provide a comforting feeling while connecting to your iPod or mp3 player, allowing you to listen to your favourite music. Music pillows are available at the Giftery for 250LE.  

8. Snuggs

Ideal for the partner who likes to get comfy and warmed up during the cold season, Valentine’s Day can be the time to get your loved ones some Snuggs. Essentially a blanket with sleeves, Snuggs is both practical and the right amount of cutesy, especially while watching a movie or reading a good book during cold nights. Snuggs cost 260LE and are available through Snuggs Egypt.

9. Comic Book Collectibles

If your significant other is more of a geek than a Valentine's person – clearly they can't be both – check out Bazinga online store for a great selection of comic book collectibles, DC and Marvel characters, vinyl figures and many others. Unfortunately, there aren't

10. A Customised Gift

If you’re still completely clueless on what to get on Valentine’s, you can’t go wrong with a customised gift. Be it about your partner’s quirks, their favorite quote or simple words expressing how you feel about him/her, a customised gift can be fun – and it also requires minimal effort, when you think about it. Be it a mobile phone cover, a mug, a notebook or even a card, we recommend getting your face printed on it so that you're always with them whereever they go. Check out Wish Upon a Click for a creative selection of customised gifts or request to create your own.     

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or not.

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