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Vibrant Displays, Gorgeous Selfies, and 5-Minute Charging: The OPPO F9 Is Transforming the Smartphone Experience

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Vibrant Displays, Gorgeous Selfies, and 5-Minute Charging: The OPPO F9 Is Transforming the Smartphone Experience
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    Each and every day we see smartphone brands reach the top of their game, before falling back due to their inability, or sometimes unwillingness, to keep up with the change in technologies. One company that’s been benefiting from their flexibility and adaptation, “OPPO” the smartphone brand that took the world by storm. A few years back, it wasn’t on the industry’s map, but now it’s one of the strongest brands worldwide, being ranked as the number 4 smartphone brand globally, according to IDC report 2016.

    Previously a brand was only famous for being a selfie phone, OPPO F9, their latest release in the F series, aims to shatter outdated impressions about the brand, as well as old views on fast charging and selfie cameras, and let us tell you, it’s doing it in style. Brilliant specs in a stunning package, the OPPO F9 is one of the most stylish phones out there with its gradient colour scheme. The innovative approach of OPPO gives you three gradient colour choices to suit your personality, making your smartphone as much as important in your fashion style as any of your clothing accessories.

    OPPO are giving you the chance to stay connected. Forget about leaving home with a partially charged battery, their revolutionary, and patented, VOOC flash technology in the OPPO F9 will give you a 2-hour talk time after only 5 minutes of charging.

    So, after that VOOC flash charge, what can you actually do with the phone? The phone’s selfie camera is at an impressive 25MP, providing excellent colours and contrast. It is also equipped with HDR sensor, thereby allowing you to enhance your selfies with HDR effects to capture greater detail from bright and dark areas in your photo. The selfie camera is slotted inside a water-drop notch (which is in itself uniquely different from notches on other phones), making for a brilliant front-face design. Just look at the phone, gorgeous, isn’t it?

    From the back, the OPPO F9 is also a sight behold; introducing the brilliant gradient colour design to the F series, and adding a huge plus for the F9 in this category of phones. The gradient colour is seen not only on the back, but also – for the very first time – on the side frame of the phone, making it feel and look more natural. You get three gradient colour choices for this art piece of a phone, all inspired by nature. Sunrises gives birth to the Sunrise Red, twilights are the inspiration behind the Twilight Blue, while starry skies are the source of our favourite, Starry Purple. You see, it’s not just a name, there is an actual texture to the colour, resembling stars in the sky; the perfect way to make a fashion statement.

    So what’s it going to be? Are you going to be a trend setter with this new OPPO F9? Select your favourite from the three colour gradients and stand out with your phone. Match your personality and style to the colour and enjoy all the perks of joining the OPPO family. Want to see how it looks? Check out the video here featuring Huda Al-Mufti, Khaled Anwar, and Mohamed Sharnouby. Forget about FOMO, forget about plain old solid colours, and stay charged with the breakthrough VOOC technology.

    For only 5,790 EGP, you can get your hands on this breakthrough smartphone from OPPO, and enjoy the features of the F9 in its glorious Starry Purple colour. Make a fashion statement with your phone, and enjoy the brilliant display, the eagle-eye camera, and the flash charging battery. Pre-ordering started on the 8th of October, while in-store sales will start on the 13th of October.