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WATCH: Ayla Scarves, the Local Brand Empowering Veiled Women

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WATCH: Ayla Scarves, the Local Brand Empowering Veiled Women
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Cairo 360

Featured image via Ayla Scarves (Photographed by Guru Photo House)


With Vogue Arabia’s latest edition being all about celebrating modest fashion, i.e. the hijab, we thought to ourselves it’s time to give the veiled ladies of Egypt a trendy store from which they can buy their headscarves.

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This April, #VogueArabia celebrates modest fashion, with Halima Aden (@halima), Amina Adan (@amina_adan), and Ikram Abdi Omar (@ikramabdi), gracing our covers. In an issue dedicated to female empowerment, we catch up with US congresswoman Ilhan Omar, athletes Ibtihaj Muhammad and Zahra Lari, and CEO Ghizlan Guenez, among other inspirational women. Want to know more? Visit for the full scoop. Cover 1 of 4 في عدد أبريل، تحتفي #ڤوغ_العربية بالأزياء المحتشمة، مع حليمة آدن، وأمينة آدن، وإكرام عبدي عمر، واللواتي يتألقن على أغلفة هذا العدد المكرس لتمكين المرأة. وعلى صفحاته، نلتقي نائبة الكونغرس الأمريكي إلهان عمر؛ والبطلتين الرياضيتين ابتهاج محمد، وزهرة لاري؛ والرئيسة التنفيذية غزلان غينيز، وغيرهن من النساء الملهمات. هل ترغبون في قراءة المزيد؟ تفضلوا بزيارة موقع ڤوغ العربية لتطلعوا على جميع مواضيعه الحصرية. الغلاف الأول من بين الأغلفة الأربعة Editor-in-Chief Manuel Arnaut (@mrarnaut) | Photography: Txema Yeste (@txemayeste) | Fashion Director: Katie Trotter (@katieellentrotter) | Make up: Karim Rahman (@karimrahmanmakeup) | Text: Christine van Deemter (@christine_vand)

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Indeed, every woman who wears the hijab is always on the lookout for a sweet place to buy trendy and stylish hijabs. There are quite a few places all over the world that cater to hijabi fashion, but for some reason, it can be weirdly difficult to find high-quality hijabs that are trendy and stylish, and also worth the money. As such, veiled women often find themselves in somewhat of a predicament; either spend a lot of money on high-quality headscarves that aren’t really that stylish, or head to the stores (found at any shopping mall) that offer scarfs at decent prices, yet lack the element of uniqueness.

Now, because we at Cairo 360 love being a guide to Cairenes from all walks of life, we found ourselves scouring the pages of social media in search of a solution for this predicament. We are more than pleased to say we came across a locally made and produced store, dedicated to selling trendy headscarves: Ayla Scarves.

Ayla Scarves provides chic, colourful, locally-made, high-quality headscarves. Crafted from luxurious fabrics, their unique ribbed designs will make them your top go-to wrap this season (and every season after that). The coolest thing about Ayla is that they try their best to be kind and ethical. Additionally, Ayla Scarves provides worldwide shipping. 

Aside from being an online store, Ayla Scarves also looks to actively support veiled women. This is evident in a photo shoot they did in collaboration with Guru Photo House. The shoot showcased veiled women from different age groups; each photo was accompanied by each of the women’s stories and relationships with their hijab. 

Tempted? Well, wait till you hear that when you buy two Ayla Scarves, you will get the third one at a discounted price (50% off). Go ahead Cairene shoppers and check out their Instagram account and Facebook page.