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Wedding Season Ahead: Here’s Your Ultimate Couture Wedding Dress Guide

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Wedding Season Ahead: Here’s Your Ultimate Couture Wedding Dress Guide
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Weddings and Eid are synonymous. Indeed, there’s really no better time to have your wedding than during Eid. This is because all your friends and family members have time off, ensuring that everyone you love will be in attendance, well-relaxed, and ready to party. Eid aside though, since Ramadan arrived at the beginning of summer this year, this means that we shall receive a plethora of wedding initiations as soon as the holy month concludes.

Luckily, Cairo is filled with a mix of high-end ateliers, classic bridal salons, and ready to wear dresses. So to all those bridezillas that are both late and lazy, or just need inspiration, we’ve got a list of the hottest wedding dress designers in Cairo. So, it’s time to kick-off your wedding dress hunting experience.


Kojak has gained a red-carpet reputation over the past couple of years, being unique with his designs, he can create your Alice-in-wonderland sharp bridal dress by simply reading your mind.

Caroline Yassa

Carolina has the strength to mix feminine and edginess with her dresses that contain lots of tulle and floral designs. She knows how to make statement dresses, and makes her brides stay true to who they are, but always with a glam twist. Caroline Yassa is located in Heliopolis, Cairo.


Winner of the 1st Place Award in Paris Fashion Week 2015, & Best Female Couture Designer Brand in New York Fashion Week 2017, Temraza is the true meaning of making us “skip a heartbeat” with her luxurious designs. Dressing up celebrities and making us see the colour white shine.

Nana’s Closet

Nana’s Closet can reflect her classic British designs with a signature edge, focusing more on the colour beige rather than white. She has recently made a masterpiece of Zedified’s wedding, making her dress stand out with its gold embroidery.

Vivian Moawad

Moawad has the talent to mix modern with static, her dresses are more summery and beachy than classic and vintage. She has an extensive collection of dresses that are not bridal, as she focuses more on event dresses. Her bridal gowns are eye-catching to the world.

Norine Farah

Norine Farah dresses can be easily spotted in a crowd, as her signature breast cage design is in most of her dresses. She has dressed up many stars and has also be featured in ELLE Middle East. Her wedding dresses are perfect for those who like to look feminine and cute.

Nadine Mekawy

This little start-up girl has proved the true meaning of “Art” as she focuses on sparkles and fringes with her sheer dresses. Her wedding dresses burst with florals and elegance.

Maison Yeya

From Egypt to Dubai, the two sisters Mariam and Yasmine Yeya have designs that reached Hollywood as Chrissy Teigen was spotted in one of their dresses. Their wedding dresses are what we call luxury. They add that flowy skirt with those crystal flowers as if it’s natural.

Maram Borhan

Founder of The Boutique Dresses, Bohran makes her own designs as well as selling others through her store. Her dresses can be any bride’s dream dress, but her veils especially can turn any dress into a masterpiece.