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Where To Buy Sustainable School Supplies This Year

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Where To Buy Sustainable School Supplies This Year
written by
Safy Allam
Image via indianapolisrecorder

The time of year when the new school year beckons is finally upon us, and the excitement is here with it. Students, parents, and teachers prepare for the journey ahead by shopping for school supplies, new clothes, textbooks, and backpack hunting. Every academic year, trends arise, and new gadgets invade the market, making students’ eyes sparkle and luring them into buying more than they need. With students liking to upgrade their products every year, the annual shopping spree may come to the detriment of our planet as these products tend to consist of unsustainable materials. What’s worse is that they will likely end up in landfill. But given the shift towards more sustainable lifestyles, why not consider switching to eco-friendly school products when gearing up for the new academic year? Let’s explore some much-needed school supplies and where to find sustainable, local brands to get them.


Water Bottle – The Kind Market

Image via The Kind Market

In academia, there is always something happening, somewhere to rush to or something to submit. To stay healthy and in good shape, staying hydrated is one of the most important habits to adopt. So, you will need a nice bottle during school hours to store your cold water. The Kind Market has some great options, and what makes them special is that their products are primarily made of recycled materials!

Notebooks – Up-Fuse

Image via Up-Fuse

At Up-Fuse’s online shop, you will find modern and colourful notebooks. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with these lovely little notebooks while browsing through them. You’ll only struggle to choose the perfect pattern and colour palette to study in style!

Laptop Sleeve – Up-Fuse

Image via Up-Fuse

Another product that Up-Fuse is known for is its laptop sleeves. University students use their laptops almost daily – take a stroll around campus at any time, and you will find them carrying their laptops around. Up-Fuse has a variety of sleeve styles for them, with colours that will match every taste and keep their precious computer safe.

Pencil Case – VeryNile

Image via VeryNile

Among the necessities when starting school is a pencil case. Kids tend to want an upgrade for their pencil case at the beginning of every school year, and VeryNile may have the perfect one for your child! VeryNile produces recycled pencil cases that have adorable and brightly coloured patterns.

Bags – VeryNile

Image via VeryNile

VeryNile didn’t forget about the fun kids are meant to experience at school. In the same way that they will need their pencil cases for study time, they will also need some cute and light bags for school trips. At their shop, you’ll find bags that dazzle your kids’ eyes. They may even learn about the recycled materials used to produce their unique bags on top of being stylish!

Clothing – Sacer

Image via Sacer

A new wardrobe is probably what most students look forward to during back-to-school season. Sacer is a brand that will have just the thing for them! Sacer advocates for sustainability and mental health awareness. Most of their products are made from recycled materials and are themed according to a social issue or mental health problem they want to raise awareness about. Their brand is savvy and trendy, and you’re sure to find something for you!