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Winter Glam: Everyday Hijab Fashion Trends

Hijabi Winter Shopping winter styling
Winter Glam: Everyday Hijab Fashion Trends
written by
Safy Allam
Image via Instagram

The question we ask ourselves every winter is how to look stylish, feel comfy, and stay warm, all at the same time. Embrace the winter chill with grace and style as we dive into a world of chic and cosy hijab fashion. Here’s a collection of trendy winter styling ideas tailored for hijab wearers. Let’s elevate your winter wardrobe and make a statement while staying snug in your hijab. Winter’s frosty days are no match for the warmth of your style!


The One with the Beanie

Image via Sara Sabry

If you fancy beanies, then this look is for you! Beanies are the perfect addition to any outfit to make it look casual yet stylish. When wearing a beanie, you could loosen the headscarf around your neck to give it an effortless look. To top off the look, wear some cute earrings and let them subtly peek through, adding a cheeky touch to the overall look.


The One with All the Leather

Image via ŞURA ER

Heading out for the evening but don’t want to overdo it? The leather look is all about mastering edgy with a touch of elegance. Leather pants are trending again – so grab a pair of those, wear a simple turtleneck and drape a leather jacket to finalise the look. The beauty of this look is in its versatility: any headscarf wrap style would be the perfect match.


The One with the Colourful Sweater

Image via İlknur Adıgüzel

Add a charming and lively touch to your winter hijab style by pairing a coloured sweater with a headscarf. This ensemble is easy and adorable, perfect for an effortless everyday look, especially on days with a mix of sun and chill.


The Chill One

Image via Fátima Lily A

Want something easy and comfy to lounge around in for the day? Pair a sporty set with a thick flannel jacket or coat, and you’re good to go! Top off the look with your favourite coloured headscarf with a traditional wrap and comfy shoes for an effortlessly chic look.


The One with the Bomber Jacket

Image via İlknur Adıgüzel

Channel your inner TikTok girl with a bomber jacket for a chic look for the day. This bold selection brings a distinctive element to your winter hijab style, ensuring you stand out from the crowd. The best part is that you’ll look fabulous while staying warm.


The One with the Thick Scarf

Image via Saara Khan

Wearing a scarf is always advisable for extra warmth, but for hijab fashion, it can take your outfit up a notch. Heading out with a Spanish headscarf or any kind of trendy wrap but need to cover your neck? Consider wrapping up in a thick scarf while picking the perfect pair of earrings as they peek through your scarf.