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Winter is Coming: Five Shops in Cairo For Your Winter Homewear Essentials

Winter is Coming: Five Shops in Cairo For Your Winter Homewear Essentials
written by
Dina Mokhtar

As a typically unpredictable and erratic Egyptian winter begins to settle over Cairo – and a wave of sniffling almost-colds settle into every other person’s body – many have found themselves ill-equipped for the chilly nights. Even for pure-bred Cairenes, the concept of cold weather is so inconsequential for 10 months of the year, that we often forget that it really can get cold in Om El Donya.

But here at Cairo 360, we like to look at the positive side of things – particularly when it comes to shopping – and we’re using the December weather to go and splurge on some warm – and preferably fuzzy – homewear essentials because, well, “Winter is coming.” 


Boasting a wide collection of women pyjamas, fleeces, accessories and undergarments available in versatile styles and materials, Spanish brand, Oysho, is one of the perfect go-to shops if you’re looking for your winter must-haves. Oysho’s winter collection also offers shoppers overalls, hoodies, sweaters and woollen cardigans. Prices start from 219LE for furry slippers, 259LE for pyjamas and 250LE-350LE for dressing gowns, whereas sweaters cost from 259LE to 499LE, knitted cardigans start from 399LE and long woollen jackets are around 599LE. Oysho’s winter collection is quite steep, but if you’re looking for style and comfort in your pyjamas, hoodies, sweaters or some cool furry essentials, Oysho is nonetheless ideal during the coldest days.  

Women’s Secret

One of the early international franchises to open in Egypt for women’s undergarments and sleepwear, Women’s Secret is still one of the best places for comfy winter clothing. Women’s Secret sleepwear garments begin from 299LE this season, while undergarments cost up to 500LE. Women’s Secret winter collection may not the biggest this season, but if you’re aiming for thick, warm, practical sleepwear and willing to invest, it’s a solid option.   


One of our go-to local favourites for homewear for all ages, Charmaine is one of the few shops offering good quality at very reasonable prices. Charmaine’s winter collection covers everything from pyjamas and undergarments to socks and winter essentials for all family members. Sleepwear prices vary according to style and material and begin from 230LE to 330LE for both men and women. Charmaine also has sleepwear collection for kids with items costing between 130LE and 159LE.    


Eve is another good local choice for those looking for a good quality alongside convenient prices for their. Eve’s pyjamas are essentially comprised of sweatshirts and trousers and cost around 270LE, while their furry slippers cost 60LE. The shop doesn’t have the most sophisticated or modern collection of sleepwear, it is however a good choice for those who are aiming for simple.  Eve has a shipping service inside and outside of Cairo for those who like to have their essentials delivered right to their doorstep – because maybe it’s too cold outside.      


While it may not have all the essentials you may need to prepare for the cold, Fabulous, has some of the best and most affordable winter pyjamas in Cairo. It’s excellent winter collection is made up of simple and comfortable sleepwear and nightgowns which are 100% cotton and available at affordable prices. Said prices vary between 250LE and 300LE and are available in all sizes; get their quick, though – they’re winter collection tends to sell out pretty quickly.

Happy (warm) shopping!      

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