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Your Ultimate Guide to Budget-Friendly Shopping At El Nozha

El Nozha Heliopolis Thrift Shopping
Your Ultimate Guide to Budget-Friendly Shopping At El Nozha
written by
Salsabil Yasser
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We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about El Nozha and its unbeatable, wallet-friendly prices. Well, we’ve also heard about it, so we took the liberty of going there A LOT to bring you the ultimate El Nozha guide. This guide is carefully crafted to take you through the best shops you might want to visit for each category. We promise you’ll snag the best deals there!

Household Essentials

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If you’re after household essentials, we recommend you head to Dubai Import, where you can find all your home and kitchenware needs for less (perfect for brides). You can also go to Dalaa El Beit, but be sure to check their Telegram channel beforehand to see what you want, and then show them in the store!

For some gadgets we all see in Asian smart home videos, El Torbini should be your go-to! Want some household items you never knew you needed but will never be able to imagine your life without? Well, then, El Toribini is there for you!

Skin Care

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Want the BEST cosmetics? Marwan Group and Ashraf El Morsy have got your back! From body scrubs and facial cleansers to serums and moisturisers, these two stores are guaranteed to have all the products you can dream of at budget-friendly prices.


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While you’re there, you can’t really skip out on some makeup from Might Cinema, one of the Egyptian makeup brands that just keeps going from strength to strength. Also, you can always head to the skin care stores we mentioned, as they sell makeup, too, but nothing will beat Might Cinema, trust us!


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Run, don’t walk, to Tamr Henna, the haven where you’ll find affordable, quality jewellery. Can’t find what you’re looking for there? Alright then, head to Maroo for both statement jewellery and simple pieces.


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From purses and duffel bags to backpacks and tote bags, Moment and El Omda Bags have all kinds of bags you can think of. Frequently, they gift their customers with impossible-to-find-anywhere-else sales and offers, so be sure to check them out.