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‎4,000-Year-Old Lahun Pyramid in Fayoum Officially Opens to Public ‎

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‎4,000-Year-Old Lahun Pyramid in Fayoum Officially Opens to Public ‎
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Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure; these are the names of the greatest pyramids in the world that are spoon-fed to Egyptians, since childhood. There is an unfortunately common misconception that these are the only pyramids that Egypt possesses. In 2008, sources stated that our country has either 118 or 138 pyramids, including one more member that’s about to join the hall of fame: Khakheperre Senusret II’s Lahun Pyramid.

After the recent restoration of the 4,000-year-old Lahun Pyramid in Fayoum, Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities, Khaled al-Anany, visited the site on June 28, to officially inaugurate and open the ancient mud-brick landmark to the public for the first time in history, according to Egypt Independent. A quick crash history course. The pyramid was built during the reign of the fourth pharaoh of the twelfth dynasty of Egypt, Senusret II, who ruled from 1897 BC to 1878 BC. As for the pyramid itself, it was first discovered by British archaeologist, William Petrie, in 1889, about 60 miles southwest of Cairo.

ABC News shared a quote by Mostafa Waziri, General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, who explained the restoration process, “The conservation work includes the removal of debris found inside the pyramid’s corridors and burial chamber and installing wooden stairs to facilitate its entrance.” He continued, “It also includes re-installing the fallen stones in the hall and corridor to its original location after restoration, as well as restoring the deteriorated stones of its floor and installing a new lighting system.”

Egyptian Streets shared some of the uncovered objects that were found inside one of the Middle Kingdom tombs located on the southern side of the pyramid, including a variety of funerary masks, a child’s leather sandal, fruits, amulets, and a wrapped mummy.

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