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10 Breathtaking Photos of Egypt’s Marine Life

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10 Breathtaking Photos of Egypt’s Marine Life
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    (Image credit: Nile FM)

    “The Egyptian Red Sea has more than 400 recorded species of coral, several hundred species of fish (20 per cent of which are endemic), stunning reefs, dramatic walls, and a very established dive industry,” said British Dive Magazine as Egypt was ranked second best diving destination in 2019.

    (Via Dive Magazine)

    Among the hotspot locations, Ras Mohammed in Sharm El Sheikh was mentioned as “one of the finest dive sites on the planet,” which overlooks the Gulf of Suez from the West and the Gulf of Aqaba from the East. Schools of jacks and batfish roam the reef during summer.

    (Ras Mohammed, Sinai. Via Egyptian Streets)

    The Brothers Islands, located in the middle of the Red Sea southeast of Hurghada and north of Marsa Alam, along with St. John’s Reef in Marsa Alam, were also mentioned as a few of the diving hotspots.

    (Saint John’s Park, Marsa Alam. Via Diving Attitude)

    Marvellous close encounters with the Oceanic Whitetip shark, that approach liveaboards in the open waters of the Red Sea looking for food, must be treated with extreme caution.

    (Oceanic Whitetip shark, Red Sea. Via Dive Magazine)

    As for the wrecks, the popular Thistlegorm shipwreck, the historic Dunraven, Kormoran, and the Million Hope are sights not to be missed.

    (SS Thistlegorm shipwreck, near Ras Mohammed, Red Sea. Via Dive Magazine)

    (The Million Hope, Sharm El Sheikh. Via Camel Dive Club)

    In honour of coming second best diving destination, feast your eyes on photos of Egypt’s beautiful marine life:

    (The Blue Hole, Dahab. Via H2O Divers Dahab)

    (Fury Shoals, Marsa Alam. Via Cassiopeia Safari)

    (Elphinstone Reef, Red Sea. Via Scuba Diver Life)

    (Abu Dabbab Bay, Marsa Alam. Via Premier Hurghada Tours)

    (Rosalie Moller shipwreck, Red Sea. Via Scuba Diver Life)