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11 Overlooked European Destinations That Are Definitely Worth a Visit

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11 Overlooked European Destinations That Are Definitely Worth a Visit
written by
Sherif Khairy

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The mid-year vacation is almost upon us, and if you’ve been saving up for a memorable trip at this time of year, chances are you’re thinking of Europe. But let us tell you this, Europe is not just about the romance of Italy or the beautiful beaches of Spain, there’s so much more that a Euro-Trip could entail. So we’re here to tell you about a bunch of European countries you may not have noticed on the map.


This European country has borders with Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and others. Perhaps one of the most appealing things about it is the amazing nature; from beautiful gardens to stunning mountains covered in greenery or snow. Do not forget to spend a few days in Zell am See, skiing, hiking, or enjoying the beautiful mountain and lake views.


This island is one of the more affordable places you can visit in Europe. It’s west of Lebanon, south of Turkey and southeast of Greece. They have lots of waterfalls, and beaches that you won’t want to leave, and it works perfectly as a honeymoon destination or a place to relax and unwind.

Faroe Islands

It’s quite a journey getting to this autonomous country, but those 18 islands, ruled by Denmark, are definitely worth it. The heavenly islands will bring you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking for so long. The small houses, green mountains, and water all around you will make you feel nestled in a piece of heaven.


Are you starting to miss Santa Claus and the Christmas vibes? Well how about a trip to Finland to rid you of all the post-Christmas blues. Finland is famous for their dog sled rides, with huskies instead of reindeers. It also has the year-round Santa Claus Village where it’s Christmas Eve every night, and Christmas Day every morning. You can enjoy the islands off its coast, or sit back and catch the captivating phenomenon that is the Northern Lights.


This is a perfect addition to your Euro-Trip. Luxembourg is situated very close to Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam, so imagine a trip featuring these four countries. So what does Luxembourg add to your trip? It gives you a place to relax, enjoy the architecture, nature, and art of the country. It also boasts a number of stunning castles you won’t want to miss.


Fancy Greece, but looking for a more secluded place? Malta is perfect for that. This European Island is still one of the less-travelled-to European destinations, but it surely deserves more. There are tons of tourist sites to visit, including churches, castles, and of course, delightful sea attractions.


Sea, friendly people, old-style buildings, and an all-round relaxing atmosphere. What more are you looking for in a vacation? This Adriatic Sea country boasts many attractions to visit; monasteries, churches, national parks, and mountains. There’s a whole lot to see in Montenegro.

Northern Ireland

There may be a whole lot of places to see in Northern Ireland, and many more reasons to make you want to travel to this country. But we’re sure that a single picture of the Giant Causeway will get you on a flight-booking website right away. To name another few spots to seal the deal, you can visit the Titanic Belfast museum, cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, or visit the Dunluce Castle.


Norway has a lifestyle of its own. Its known for its delicious yet healthy cuisine, and beautiful landscape views of green mountains and stunning lakes. Norway is also one of the best places to catch the Northern Lights. They also have places where you get to see polar bears live their daily life in the wild.


The architectural style of Poland will make you fall in love with this country instantly. The castles, Old Towns, and museums will give you a dose of history and awe sure to keep you captivated on your trip. You can even spend a night in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, sleeping 135 metres underground for what they dub a healthy sleep, but surely not for the faint-hearted.


Stunning natural views of forests and waterfalls, charming cities and castles, plus not one, but seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. Romania is undoubtedly a country where you can marvel at the beauty of nature and the beauty of human creation all together in one spot. Legend says that Dracula himself lived in one of the castles of Romania, fancy a visit to his hometown?