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360’s Guide to Ain Sokhna

360’s Guide to Ain Sokhna
    written by
    Jennifer Brooks

    As the rising city temperatures have us all yearning
    for a weekend by the sea, Ain Sokhna is the closest and most relaxing beach resort to head to.

    While the coast is an easy 50-minute drive from
    Katameya, it is important to remember that public transportation is not
    available. Beach goers with their own wheels can pile in with friends. For the
    rest of the weekend-hopefuls, there are a few companies that provide fairly
    affordable car rental services, such as Smart Car Limousine service. Just be
    careful to get the daily rental rates rather than mileage only– the commute
    will leave you with a regrettably hefty bill. When exiting and entering the
    city gates, a 5LE fee is required; a reminder to keep some small denomination
    change on hand.

    Once a sleepy coastline area with nothing but swimming
    and lounging to occupy your time, Sokhna has recently followed in the trend of
    vacation marketing by becoming more dynamic, and offering more hotels, more
    dining options and even water sports such as jet skiing and snorkelling. Water
    sports are overpriced; Jet Ski and banana boat rentals run for an average of
    500LE an hour. It can be tricky finding exactly where to rent; our best advice
    is to try the beaches of Little Venice and Stella, and ask the attendants
    standing around the nearest cluster of jet skis about rental and rates (you
    won’t miss them).

    Not traditionally a party town, there has been a
    recent Capital nightlife import with the opening of Tamarai in Sokhna. Open every second weekend of the month,
    the venue offers its signature glitz with a bit of beach-party glamour for
    those looking for more than a quiet bite and a relaxed seaside evening.

    For many Sokhna veterans, Cute Café in La Siesta
    resort has been a long time favourite. Wedged between two mountains on a hill
    right next to Porto Sokhna, this outdoor eatery is a novelty with its Bedouin
    atmosphere and delectable grilled entrées. Prices are mid-range (50LE to 100LE per person) and the selection of
    grilled lamb, beef and chicken is fairly standard. Beware the lethal mosquitoes
    that emerge at dusk; as the ground-level seating and low tables leave patrons
    nowhere to hide once the insects attack.

    In general, dining options are somewhat limited apart
    from Wadi Dome’s seafood restaurant Bouillabaisse and Porto Sokhna’s Chili’s, Johnny Carino’s, Studio Misr
    and a few others in tow. Note that the food quality in most of these chains
    suffers slightly at their Sokhna locales, and prices are hiked up ever so
    slightly– you’ll feel the difference when your bill arrives.

    If you’re in search of shisha, there is Farah Café,
    also located inside Porto Sokhna. The menu is oriental and the setting is family-friendly,
    featuring white-curtained swinging tables where you can recline as you watch
    the stars in the smog-free horizon.

    While most resorts are exclusive to residents and
    guests only, Stella di Mare
    has three hotels: Grand Hotel Ain Sokhna, Golf Hotel Ain
    Sokhna, and Sea Club Hotel Ain Sokhna all offer luxurious room and board for a
    price. Basic double room rates run for just under 2000LE at Grand Hotel.

    Located inside Little Venice Resort, Jaz Hotel is a recently opened hotel and the first and only boutique hotel in Ain
    Sokhna. Its 90 rooms are all meticulously decorated, with a spa set to open
    soon and a prominent golf course. Double room prices begin at 1300LE.

    The Mövenpick Hotel (contact the Cairo office by
    calling 2024182282) and the Ramada Hotel (call 0623290510, -509, -500) are
    located in the most beautiful part of Ain Sokhna, on a small almost closed-in
    bay where the sky-blue waters are almost always tranquil and dolphin-sighting
    is a regular activity. Ramada Hotel offers day use for 250LE, which includes a meal
    and a room to change and shower in. A single room starts at 600LE per night. While
    the Mövenpick doesn’t offer day-use, their infinity pool at sunset is an
    undeniably beautiful experience that makes the near 2500LE per room almost

    Las of all, Porto Sokhna offers 47 rooms and two
    suites. Prices tend to be high; as they are subject to change, so call the
    reservation hotline at 19115. Its major shortcoming is the fact that you have
    to cross the road to reach the tiny stretch of a beach, which pales in
    comparison to the beaches offered at Movenpick, Jaz and the Ramada.

    When leaving Sokhna, be sure to fill up on fuel at the
    nearest station before the toll gates; after which you’ll find nothing all the
    way until you reach the outskirts of Cairo. Happy Road Trip!