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6 Local Travel Groups That Will Help You Fall in Love with Egypt Again

6 Local Travel Groups That Will Help You Fall in Love with Egypt Again
    written by
    Hend Salah

    Whichever side of the divisive #ThisIsEgypt campaign, there’s no doubt that Egypt is filled with culturally rich landmarks and captivating attractions, not to mention marvellous hidden spots from the Eastern tip with all its underwater Red Sea wonders – Marsa Alam, Dahab and Sinai to name a few – to the Western end, which is home the incredibly peaceful and primitive Oasis that is Siwa.

    Outside of international tourism, though, we are guilty of not truly appreciating and embracing Egypt’s lesser mainstream locations. If you’re eager to discover Egypt through a different lens, though there are travel initiatives and companies that can kick-start your local tourism adventures.

    1- Astrotrips:

    Founded in 2014, Astrotrips is Egypt’s first astronomy initiative organising astronomy and exploratory trips. Founded by a team of travellers passionate about astronomy and discovering the untapped marvels in Egypt, Astrotrips combine cosmological flair with travelling to some of the more remote areas of the country.

    Astrotrips Upcoming Trips:

    Astrotrips’ end of the year program includes hiking and observing constellations at Egypt’s biggest summit, Saint Catherine Mountain on the 17th of December or camping at Wadi Baa’baa in Sinai on Christmas Eve; only make sure you book early as their trips sell out quickly. For more information about Astrotrips, click here.

    2- Amaken Trips

    Amaken is another up-and-coming travel group, promising to provide travellers with exciting vacations alongside some cultural and natural education across Egypt. Amaken have taken their travellers across the Red Sea to Marsa Alam, Nuweiba, Dahab and many other destinations.    

    Upcoming Trips:

    Join Amaken Trips’ on the 17th of December, for a soothing meditation retreat to Nubia or sign up at their eventful trip to Siwa Oasis taking off on December 23rd. For more information about Amaken trips, click here.

    3- Desert Adventures Egypt

    A travel group specialising in desert excursions from the east to west, Desert Adventures organises camping trips and safaris for travellers looking for a safe, exciting and relaxing desert expeditions across Egypt. Desert Adventures holds camping trips at Samuel Dunes in the Western desert, Safari trips in Sinai, Bedouin dinners at Cairo’s Wadi Degla protectorate and many others.

    Upcoming Trips:

    Join Desert Adventures this New Year’s on their 5 day trip to Siwa, taking off on December 29th. Follow Desert Adventures’ upcoming trips right here.

    4- Wild Guanabana

    Founded by Omar Samra, Egypt’s most popular adventurer and travelling guru and the first Arab to reach Mount Everest summit, Wild Guanabana has been one of the top go-to travel initiatives if you’re looking for a perfect unforgettable travelling journeys in Egypt and around the world.  From climbing Kilimanjaro, experiencing the Berber life in Marrakech or a yoga retreat in Nepal, sightseeing in Cambodia and Thailand or mountain biking on Zaafarana road, Wild Guanabana’s trips in and outside the borders will please every type of adventurer.      

    Upcoming Trips:

    Join Wild Guanabana’s Kayaking trip to Fayoum on December 24th and stay updated with their busy schedule of travels right here.

    5- Kites

    From camping in the beautiful picturesque Wadi El Rayan, chilling in Nuweiba, or exciting safari trips in the desert, Kites is another local travelling initiative catering to all types of travellers.

    Upcoming trips:

    Kites December trips calendar includes a Nile cruise to Luxor and Aswan on December 18th, a camping trip to Wadi El Hitan on the 25th, whereas their end-of-the-year expedition begins on December 29th with their new year’s trip to Siwa. For more information about Kites, click here.

    6- Tourisma

    Another go-to local travel group if you’re passionate about nature and adventure. Tourisma promises its travellers exciting safari trips exploring Egypt’s deserts, diving into their mystical caves and admiring their nature. Within each trip, Tourisma organises fun games and activities to keep their travelers entertained at all times.   

    Upcoming trips:

    Join Tourisma on their sandboarding trip to Wadi El Rayan on December 25th or on their New Year’s trip to Ras Shetan and Saint Catherine on December 30th. For more information about Tourisma, click here.

    (Photo: Wild Guanabana/Facebook)