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6 Reasons to Travel With Travco to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

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6 Reasons to Travel With Travco to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia
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Egypt have made history and finally succeeded in qualifying for the World Cup once again after 28 years of missing the big stage. Thanks to the leadership of Cúper, and the brilliance of players like Salah, Trezeguet, Abdullah El-Saied, and many more Egyptian heroes, we now have the chance to watch our beloved national team compete in the biggest sporting event on the planet.

Unfortunately, all travel can be overwhelming, and it gets especially tough when there’s a huge demand like there is for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Travco have decided that Egyptians deserve the finer things in life and have focused their efforts on making things easier for you. So, these are the six reasons why you should travel to Russia with Travco.

1. All-Inclusive Packages

Travco has you covered with everything you need to travel, they’ll take you from the airport to the games, and right back home. Their packages include accommodation, roundtrip airport transfers and stadium transfers. You don’t even have to worry about securing match tickets or preparing your FAN ID (grants you entry visa to Russia).

2. Hassle-Free Packages

Forget about the free trains with unending queues and 27 hours of travel time, you don’t want to ruin your trip by fighting through crowds of fans. Travco packages offer domestic flights to the match cities so you can travel with ease, minimal flight time, and make sure you reach the game on time. They even have a Russian speaking tour guide with you to eliminate the language barrier and ensure things go smoothly.

3. Not As Expensive As You Think

Most people tend to shy away from travelling with agencies because they say that the packages are over-priced. Well, you’re not taking into account the risk you’re taking, the hassle, or the time you’ll need to put in organising the trip. All factors that may end up ruining the trip for you. You may be glad to find a cheaper hotel away from the centre, but find yourself paying tons more than you saved in transportation; you eliminate all that hassle and risk with Travco as it encompasses every related expense that may not cross your mind. Travco packages may even end up being cheaper than you think, their various packages will get exclusive limited time flash sales!

4. Cash is Not the Only Option

If you travel solo, you’ll end up having to pay for everything immediately, even before you leave for the airport. But with Travco packages, you can make use of their flexible payment options and pay for your trip based on the longest installment plans you can imagine. Not to mention that these payments will be in EGP, freeing up your credit card limit for all your personal expenditure and shopping in Russia.

5. Forget About Negative Surprises

Travelling to a country you’ve never been to will always be risky. Besides the language barrier, you’re going to places you don’t know so you run the risk of getting lost. If you opt for the free trains you may end up being stuck in queues or in horrid train cabins for hours on end. And even after checking the reviews, you may still find yourself in a terrible hotel, far away from the city, the stadium, or any public transportation. All those negative surprises and risks are eliminated when travelling with Travco, an agency with experience and a sharp eye for detail.

Travco has been known for their error-free, hassle-free, all-inclusive and all-round excellent trips. They have a ton of packages for you to choose from, and you can be sure that your journey will be smooth, luxurious, and utterly enjoyable.

6. Special Discount for Our Special Cairenes

You can get Travco packages from different points of departure, not just Cairo. So if you’re in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or Dubai, Travco packages are still available for you. So? What are you waiting for? Call Travco right now to get the complete picture and all the information you need. Make sure to mention that you saw this article on Cairo 360 for a special discount.

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