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8 Egyptian Cities Outside Cairo to Visit During Eid

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8 Egyptian Cities Outside Cairo to Visit During Eid
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    Christina John

    If you thought the perfect vacation doesn’t exist, think again! To help you make the best of your Eid vacation, we’ve put together a list of fun activities you can try in eight different Egyptian cities. Explore away…

    Ain Sokhna

    Image credit: 3al Ba7r

    A trendy activity this summer in Ain Sokhna is renting a yacht with your friends and spending the day at sea. Hop on the trend and watch the dolphins swim while taking some Instagram-worthy pictures with your pals. You can find yachts and boats to rent here.

    Ras Sudr

    Image credit: Not Perfect via The Kite Buzz

    Known for its breathtaking beaches, Ras Sudr used to be an underrated destination until recently. Kitesurfing is a major activity in Ras Sudr that most beaches tend to offer there. If you decide to go there this Eid, make sure to stop by Soul Kitesurfing or The Kite Buzz for a fun kitesurfing session, and a delicious meal from their menu selection.


    Image credit: Almalomat

    If you are a fan of astrology, you have to  visit Nuweiba during a meteor shower because you’ll be able to see countless numbers of shooting stars, and most zodiac constellations become visible during nighttime. Aside from that, you can get the full camp experience at Safari Beach Camp while still having a comfortable room and great food options.


    Image credit: Scuba Seekers

    Right next door to Nuweiba is everyone’s favorite destination for relaxation and meditation: Dahab! The city offers way more than just starry night skies and clear waters. You haven’t really been to Dahab if you haven’t tried scuba diving in the Red Sea. You can try diving with Scuba Seekers, Bedouin Divers, or Big Blue.


    Image credit: HodHod Hot Air Balloons

    Aside from the ancient historical sites that will have you mesmerized, the city has a lot to offer. View the entire city from above by taking a hot air balloon, and enjoying the adrenaline rush of watching everything gradually get smaller as you ascend from the ground. HodHod Hot Air Balloons and Royal Hot Air Balloons are available all year-round with this service.


    Image credit: Egypt Tours Portal

    You can cruise the river Nile from Aswan on a voyage that can last up to twelve days! After you’ve paid a visit to the Nubian village, you can hop on board with Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts that feature comfortable cabins and luxurious suites. 


    Image credit: Sliders Cable Park

    If you haven’t been to Sliders Cable Park, then make sure you head there next time you are in Gouna. Sliders Cable Park offers a bunch of water sport activities and an aqua park that will keep the whole family entertained.


    The waterfalls at Wadi El Rayan exude tranquility in the city of Fayoum, which is only a couple of hours away from Cairo and can be easily reached by car. You can book yourself a pre-planned tour with Memphis Tours and go sight-seeing, then return back to Cairo on the same day!