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9 Reasons Why Almaza Bay is The Best Destination on Egypt’s North Coast Right Now

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9 Reasons Why Almaza Bay is The Best Destination on Egypt’s North Coast Right Now
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Image via Almaza Bay

Almaza Bay seems to be everybody’s favourite place to go this summer. With its limitless number of activities and unrivalled restaurants, the North Coast resort has swiftly established itself as the most sought-after location in Sahel (or should we say Matrouh?). When visiting Almaza Bay, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to great restaurants, and there are a few pleasant surprises when it comes to shopping too. Allow us to guide you through the top stops on what is currently Egypt’s poshest North Coast destination.

1. Grab a Hearty Breakfast at Tabali Bistro

This newcomer finally brings Egypt’s number one breakfast food to the shores of Almaza Bay. Nestled within the newly opened section of The Village is this new breakfast spot, serving traditional favourites to get your day started. They’re open from 9 AM, so it is an ideal place to refuel after that F45 morning workout, or if you hit the beach early to nab the best spots, pick up your takeaway and enjoy Egypt’s best breakfast and a prime beach location.


2. Keep it Strictly Mediterranean at White & Blue Restaurant

The Greek Club has made it to Almaza Bay! This newcomer takes over Almaza’s oldest location to serve up all our favourite Greek Club classics, including their unique take on the Greek Salad, mouthwatering taramasalata, and signature seafood dishes. The busiest time seems to be around sunset, so be sure to call ahead and reserve. And as far as venues in Almaza Bay go, this one is ideal for large groups of friends and family to have a hearty feast in an unpretentious, laid-back location so close to the beach you can feel the waves crashing on the shore.

3. Coffee Up at Pacha Mama

This exquisite vegan-friendly restaurant is another newcomer at The Village. There, you will discover an unparalleled coffee experience that will delight your senses. Whether you prefer the meticulous artistry of hand-drip coffee or the refreshing allure of cold brew, this destination is a paradise for coffee enthusiasts seeking the perfect cup.

4. Indulge in Luxury Dining and Nightlife at Pier 88

If you’re a seasoned Almaza resident, you’ll undoubtedly remember Pier 88 as the original go-to destination for dining and nightlife before the area transformed into the bustling hub it is today. The food at Pier 88 is simply unbeatable — it’s some of the most delicious cuisine you’ll find this side of the Mediterranean. The fact that it’s situated in such a stunning beachfront location only adds to the experience. The best part? This restaurant has been consistently serving up culinary excellence for years, so you can always count on a fantastic meal.


5. Go Japanese Chic at Megumi

The Megumi Cocktail Room is so good that we wish Baky Hospitality would consider opening it up in Cairo. This classy joint has some amazing cocktails, and the food is to die for! In our very humble opinion, Megumi also has just about the best-curated music in all of Almaza Bay.  


6. See and Be Seen at Sachi

Just when we thought Almaza’s dining and nightlife couldn’t get any glitzier, Sachi went and opened in 2022, taking the seaside town’s scene to the next level. The high-end eatery serves a luscious breakfast in the morning, a well-managed luxury beach menu during the day, and fine dining and nightlife from sunset until late.   


7. Treat Yourself at Amaretti

Amaretti, the renowned pastry shop with two locations in Cairo, opened in Almaza Bay this year. If you are seeking unparalleled dessert options, make your way over to their new site. There, you will be able to indulge in the creations of Amaretti’s tantalising flavours of the East with their exquisite selection of delicacies, including the irresistible Basbosa and delectable Baklava.

8. Be Different at The Tap North

Almaza Bay boasts the only The Tap branch on the North Coast. True to their ethos, it is probably the most laid-back of all venues at the seaside resort. They serve up their usual bucket-load of incredible food (did someone say wings?) and a mix of their resident live band and visiting DJs. We hear they will also be hosting the first North Coast edition of Mindsalike, the exclusive entrepreneur networking event. 

9. Explore the World of Shopping at The Village’s Elite Stores, Boutiques, & Restaurants

Almaza is buzzing with excitement, and there’s so much to do that it’s hard to keep up! We just had to give a shoutout to some of the incredible venues that are stealing the show. If you’re a fan of Okhtein’s stunning summer collection (and who isn’t?), you’ll be thrilled to know that their new store is even bigger and better than before. Equally impressive is the new location of Gourmet, which is way bigger than before and stacked full of your favourite home goods and a few beach essentials. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift to bring to a friend’s house, Fifth Avenue’s new location at The Village is a must-visit. Of course, we can’t forget our favourite burger joint, BRGR, which never disappoints. You’ll also need to stop by Dara’s Ice Cream, whose delicious treats keep us coming back for more (even if we need to hit the gym a little harder the next day!). People’s Optics is making us all look and feel amazing with their summer-ready glasses, and Maadi’s favourite Ratios is serving up some seriously delicious carb-loaded dishes that we just can’t resist. And with the exciting new additions of Abu Auf and Quick 24, there’s never been a better time to experience all that Almaza Bay has to offer!