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A Greener Cairo: Governorate Launches Rooftop Garden Initiative

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A Greener Cairo: Governorate Launches Rooftop Garden Initiative
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Rooftop gardens are a spectacular sight, and a smart way to enjoy a relaxing retreat in the heart of the city. But beyond their decorative benefits, there are many other impressive and crucial advantages to building rooftop gardens, including great environmental benefits.

Last Sunday, Khaled Abdel Aaal, Governor of Cairo, announced the launch of a brand new initiative, during a conference with representatives from Leaders of Sustainable Development and Homeland Acknowledgment 2030.

Abdel Aal stated that gardens will be planted across the rooftops of Cairo. This initiative comes as a part of the governorate’s sustainable development plan towards building a safer future. Additionally, awareness campaigns will be developed to highlight the positive impacts of such an initiative, and explain the importance of rooftop gardening in a city as hustling and bustling as Cairo. Furthermore, Governor Khaled Abdel Aaal emphasised that residents of the buildings won’t be incurring any of the planting costs; the governorate is going to be fully responsible for installing the gardens. 

The gardening initiative represents one of the thousands of steps that our country has been taking to help our ecosystem. Indeed, the Red Sea Governorate has recently banned single-use plastics.

Furthermore, the capital has been working super hard on a multitude of projects which aim to renew and refurbish sights around the city (including the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir).