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A Guide to Budget Flights from Cairo

A Guide to Budget Flights from Cairo
    written by
    Clarissa Pharr

    is undeniably the season for travel: as the city heats up, Cairenes everywhere devise
    plans to escape as often as possible. While this usually manifests in weekly road
    trips to Sahel or Ain Sokhna beaches, many of us would give anything for a shot
    at affordable international travel.

    is the operative word here. We’ve certainly lost our fair share of sleep wondering
    why exactly flights out of Cairo are so expensive. We already put up with hiked
    up sales tax on international clothing brands, so when staggering taxes are
    added to flights, the insult to injury can be a bit much.

    year’s global financial slump put a stranglehold on the airline industry,
    forcing major companies to declare bankruptcy and threatening to dash our dreams
    of a jet-setting lifestyle…until the triumphant emergence of the budget

    flights to the Gulf, Lebanon and Europe are now available to Egyptians thanks
    to budget airlines Fly Dubai, Easyjet and now, Egypt’s very own
    contribution, Air Arabia Egypt. With
    their tempting motto of ‘Pay Less. Fly More’ (don’t mind if we do, thank you
    very much), Air Arabia Egypt promises that the sky is the limit. That might be
    stretching it, but we’re not about to turn down affordable regional travel.

    Easyjet offers
    flights to London from both Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh for under 2000LE, but
    their best deals are available during low seasons and on random weekdays. Sign
    up for their newsletter to get their latest cheap deals.

    Fly Dubai flies
    out of Alexandria Burj El Arab Airport and Luxor Airport for similar rates.
    Destinations include much of the Gulf as well as Colombo, Kabul, Aleppo and
    Beirut, with prices averaging around 2500LE. Again, if you sign up for their
    newsletter, you can find amazing deals during their seasonal sales: a trip to Dubai
    is possible for just 800LE!

    recent launch of Air Arabia Egypt’s
    budget airline in the country now gives us a few new options for regional
    travel during the hottest months. Flights leave from Alexandria Burj El Arab
    and Nozha airports, which require a bus, train or car-ride for Cairo residents;
    but if low-cost flights are available, we’re willing to put in the extra

    what can the travel-happy vacationer do with this latest news? Here are a few ideas
    for trip options to help us last the summer.

    the airline was just launched, direct flights leave from the Burj El Arab
    airport, and so far list destinations to Sharjah, Kuwait, Amman, Khartoum and
    Beirut. Limited it may be, but the prices are comparatively tempting.

    short trip to Jordan can cost you a little over 1200LE. Khartoum is not the
    usual vacation spot, but is reputed as a smaller and more relaxed city than Cairo,
    and blooming with modern architecture. You can fly for a long weekend starting
    at 1300LE.

    out of Alex’s El Nozha airport on one of Air Arabia’s popular Sharjah flights
    starting at 2500LE. The El Nozha airport features a range of connecting flights
    to European cities, although the numerous stopovers to get to London might make
    you think twice.

    it’s not dirt cheap, having a budget airline to call our own will make skipping
    off for a long weekend of sightseeing, shopping, or just a change of scene that
    much easier.

    Air Arabia online to get
    clicking, or try their hotline 16278 to speak with one of their very helpful