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A New Map Shows The Sheer Potential of Medical Tourism In Egypt

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A New Map Shows The Sheer Potential of Medical Tourism In Egypt
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Egypt is becoming almost synonymous with tourism, but in recent years, we’ve become even famous for medical tourism. After the success of the Virus C campaign, Tour n’ Cure, with the participation of many internationally renowned figures, Egypt is taking more steps towards empowering the medical tourism industry.

Aside from the amazing scenery and stunning artefacts found everywhere in our country, we have a host of meditating and treating areas. To promote all of those lesser known areas, the Egypt Medical Tourism Organization has opted to create a medical map showcasing all such locations. The map will also be offered in Braille, ensuring that all everyone has easy access to it.

This was not the result of a day or two’s thoughts, the Egypt Medical Tourism Organization has been working on this since 2008. They’re not done yet, as they’re now planning to record audio materials describing the map with the aim of promoting these snippets on radio shows to promote medical tourism in Egypt.

We’re glad to see such initiatives taking place in our country, and we hope to see more and more of them. Medical tourism has been booming worldwide, and it’s time we entered the race with our full potential. It’s hard to beat the natural facilities and sceneries we have in our oasis and coasts.

To see the full medical tourism map click here. Take a look and see just how vast our medical tourism capabilities really are, once you click on a governorate, it will show you the available facilities.