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A New Project Gives Nefertari’s Tomb Virtual Immortality

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A New Project Gives Nefertari’s Tomb Virtual Immortality
written by
Sherif Khairy

Featured image via: Luxor Times


Egypt’s history is vast and diverse, and despite us having a huge amount of artefacts, monuments, and historical sights, it takes a bit of effort and creativity to find the best way to display them. It’s always interesting to see new perspectives on displaying these monuments, especially those which utilise technology. And today we’re bringing you one of the newest initiatives, aimed at enhancing the touristic experience.

Built around 3250 years ago, Nefertari’s tomb has stood the test of time and still remains intact. Famous for her beauty and power, Nefertari was the favoured wife of Ramses the Second. Unfortunately, due to humidity that enters the tomb when people visit, the number of tourists has been restricted. This makes the entry price a bit high at 1000 EGP or around $56.

This drove a few innovators to search for a solution, believing that the beauty of Nefertari’s tomb should not be restricted to a small number of people, it should be available to the masses. Experius VR decided to execute a solution, and sent three researches to spend two days working on the tomb, creating a detailed 3D replica using 3D scanning, as well as taking thousands of high resolution images.

Elliot Mizroch, CEO of Experius VR led this project, and stated that his team spent two months in post-production to transform the 3D scans and photographs into a true 3D model that would be compatible with VR devices. They’ve succeeded to bring Nefertari’s tomb to virtual life, thereby giving thousands of people access to a tomb that was once restricted to a very rare selection of people.

Nefertari’s tomb can literally now possess the element of immortality that the pharaohs would have liked it to have through this virtual resurrection. You will now able to put on your VR set and experience a true-to-life tour of the tomb.