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Bakraj3: Comfortable Eco-Lodge in Nuweiba

Bakraj3: Comfortable Eco-Lodge in Nuweiba
    written by
    Naila Haris

    Feel like trying out a new camp in Nuweiba? Head to the
    Teapot! Formally called KumKumaa, Bakraj3 literally translates to coffee or
    tea-pot in Bedouin dialect.

    Bakraj3 is an eco-friendly lodge managed by the local
    Sheik Ashish. Located at the edge of Sinai overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, this
    place is the perfect getaway from chaotic Cairo
    and modern life entirely.

    Bakraj3 boasts ecologically friendly huts made of
    bamboo, wood and palm leaves complemented with traditional carpeting,
    mattresses with clean bedding and mosquito nets.

    Escape to single-room, palm-built cabins (20LE per person per night) set with
    multiple mattresses; and relax on a private porch overlooking the sea. It’s
    easy to read a book or get caught up in meditation listening to gentle waves
    tapping near your doorstep. The water is shallow for a few hundred meters,
    allowing safer play for young children; but the sea is rich in coral right
    along the shore, breaking skin of barefoot swimmers.

    Fresh juices and mint tea are served at the central
    café, where tourists congregate with each other and their hosts. The area is
    roofed with stripped tent drapes raised by palm trunks and sand-coloured
    pillars. Plush seating is always on ground level while wind-chimes whistle and
    ring from above.

    The Bedouins are committed to that same warmth and
    hospitality at heart in the Bakraj3 name, not to mention honoured with a quaint
    teapot statue welcoming visitors at the entrance. Bakraj3 offers guidance to
    visitors’ next destination, organises boating trips with fishermen, camel tours
    and jeep safaris as well as excursions up to Mount Sinai, where Moses
    supposedly received the Ten Commandments.

    After sundown, Bakraj3 breaks out the shisha, Stella
    and other refreshments. A campfire burns, tribe leaders emerge and musicians
    begin singing and playing instruments. All are welcome and encouraged to join
    the festivities. Your hosts are quite the party animals and love it when guests

    Washrooms are shared, cleaned frequently and supplied with
    courtesy soap and tissues; but you might want to bring your own tissues.
    Showers are plenty and in the name of comfort and hospitality, the camp provides
    common sit-toilets for the unaccustomed guests.

    Bakraj3 is located next to a security checkpoint
    5km north of Nuweiba in South Sinai. East Delta Buses provide visitor drop-offs
    and pickups at the camp’s entrance. Guests may stay up to three nights. For more
    information, visit the camp’s website here.