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Business Insider Is Urging Travellers to Never Skip Cairo

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Business Insider Is Urging Travellers to Never Skip Cairo
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Sherif Khairy

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We’ve always told you guys about the amazing things you can see and do in Cairo, and go on and on about the majesty of our capital despite its downsides, such as traffic. Whether we’re talking about the fantastic flavourful food options or the incredibly rich culture of our city, we’ve always believed in the beauty of Cairo. But if it takes Business Insider to say it for you to think so too, then so be it.

The American online publication recently posted a feature about Cairo. They start by saying that many travel guides are wrong to tell you to skip Cairo when visiting Egypt, and that the capital has a unique charm thanks to its food and culture.

Yes, Cairo is home 20 million people, and yes that makes it the most populous city in the Middle East and the second most populous in the whole of Africa. This makes streets crowded, traffic sometimes unbearable, and air a bit polluted, but aside from those negatives, there are a lot more positives to see. Two of Business Insider’s international correspondents, Harrison Jacob and Annie Zheng, decided to see this for themselves.

They wanted to visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, seeking only to cross them off their bucket list, but they ended up spending two weeks in the capital, and just like us, they fell in love with Cairo. The article goes on to highlight the authenticity of this bustling city, as well as the impact that young entrepreneurs are making. The effect that these businesses, shops, restaurants, and cafés have is causing a quite significant and noticeable ripple effect.

Walking around the streets of Cairo, Jacob and Zheng were pleasantly surprised by the numerous quality restaurants offering delicious food, be it international or local cuisine. They also found a ton of bookshops and boutiques to get souvenirs and an active street life that impressed them. We’ve always believed Cairo rivalled New York in being the city that never sleeps.

The report is huge, and you must read it by yourself. You’ll feel more proud with every paragraph you read about local cuisine, the rich culture in our museums, the craftsmanship in local shops, or the unique nature of our people.

In short, Business Insider correspondents, Jacob and Zheng, found that whether you’re looking to explore local cuisine, indulge in an active nightlife, ponder the lively music scene, get a dose of artistry, or learn more about Egyptian and Ancient Egyptian culture, Cairo can offer all this and so much more.